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How To Care For Thin Frizzy Hair

Spray Products Into Your Hands First To Add Extra Texture


If want some piecey-ness and your hair is very fine, put product in your hand first, says Townsend. Try a texturizing spray like Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous dry shampoo, $32. Spray it into the palm of your hand, dab fingers in it, and work it into your strands to add distinct texture. For added moisture, Atkin recommends the Ouai finishing cream, $24, which is like lotion for your hair, so applying a dime size amount all over helps tame any fly-aways.

How To Tame Frizzy Hair

Manage your curls and waves so that every day is a âgood hair day.â

You love your wavy hair, but the frizzy fly-aways you get when you brush those curls? Not so much.

Hair is complex. It’s made up of three layers and thousands of cells. But the reason it gets frizzy is pretty simple. Your hair’s outer layer, the cuticle, looks kind of like a shingled roof, dermatologist Carolyn Jacob, MD, says. When hair is smooth, those shingles lie flat. But when you run a brush through dry, curly hair, those âshinglesâ lift.

To compound the problem, stylist Dennis Baker, owner of Atlantaâs Baker Lanier Salon and Day Spa says, frizzy hair is often drier and naturally tends to absorb moisture from humid air. Again, those âshinglesâ lift.

How Did Your Hair Get Frizzy

The first step in controlling frizzy hair is to understand what causes it. There are a number of factors that can cause frizz. Here are the most common culprits:

Dealing With The Elements: Climate Affects Frizzy Hair

Too much sun exposure can dry out your hair and cause frizz, as can an excessively dry or humid climate. Hair is sensitive to moisture levels in the air, so during times of humidity, hair is less flexible and more prone to frizzing. Less moisture and dry air makes frizzy hair prone to static and flyaways. This can be caused by weather or by heaters and air conditioners indoors. Combat these conditions by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by protective styling products.

Using the Wrong Products Can Make Your Hair Frizzy

Using drug store hair products can result in damaged hair and can create frizz. Thats because many lesser-quality products contain alcohol, which is very drying and will make frizzy hair even frizzier. You may have to switch to salon-quality shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays, because they dont contain as many harsh ingredients.

Ethnicity: Some of Us are Born With Curly, Frizzy Hair

What You Eat and Drink Affects Frizzy Hair

Processing Can Make Frizzy Hair Even Frizzier

If you color and/or bleach your frizzy hair, or if you chemically straighten it, you may be adding to the problem. If possible, take a break from chemically processing your frizzy hair, or discuss it with your hairdresser beforehand.

* Use a Diffuser

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How To Care For And Tame Your Frizzy Hair From Start To Finish

Lets face it, having the frizzies is not a lot of fun. With todays sleek styles, nothing puts a crimp in your look faster than frizzy hair. To best care for your frizzy hair, remember that what it really wants is moisture to soothe the dryness.

To keep your frizzy hair manageable, the key is to add moisture in the right way. If you dont, your frizzy hair will pull moisture from the air, and you most likely wont love the results. Because frizzy hair is dry, soaking up moisture from the air causes the cuticles to expand and then, voila: frizz. Dont fret: the pros at Matrix offer these great tips on how to care for your frizzy hair and give it the moisture it craves.

Take Care Of Your Lengths

Best Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair: The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Fine hair is more delicate, so its more likely to sustain damage and break off than other types. If you are going for a short fine hair look like a pixie cut or bob, then you dont need to worry too much about this step. If you want a longer look, youll have to be very diligent when caring for your lengths.

Hair especially fine thin hair is more susceptible to breakage when its wet. Thus, you have to be extra careful when detangling your hair after washing it. To safely detangle wet fine hair, use the Detangle Wet Brush to gently work out knots, starting at the ends of the hair while the hair is still wet. The Wet Brush is made with soft bristles that gently detangle snarls without pulling on fine hair. Plus, it has an ergonomic design thats easier to use than a standard comb.

After having used the wet brush to detangle wet hair, don’t use a regular cotton towel to dry your hair. Maybe youre not aware that drying your hair with a cheap towel is one of the most harmful things, you can do to your hair. Instead, let your thin hair dry naturally or even better with a Bamboo Hair Towel. Bamboo towels are incredibly gentle and good for thin fine hair compared to cotton.

Finally, always use a heat protectant before styling your hair with hot tools. Never skip this step!

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Use The Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Frizz-free hair starts with choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Opt for a duo that eliminates frizz at the roots and helps boost repair and shine.

Look for formulas that contain ingredients such as argan oil, elastin protein, glycerin, and ceramides. These help detangle hair and make it more manageable. We love the IGK Thirsty Girl Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner duo. Not only do they smell of summer holidays, but the hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and eliminates frizz.

Only Use Conditioner On The Ends Of Your Hair

Often adding a heavy moisturizing product near the roots weighs the hair down and makes it appear even more fine and thin. To avoid this, simply focus the conditioner on the ends of your hair. Over conditioning your roots can also lead to oily hair faster. If this is the case for you, here’s a guide on how to get rid of oily hair.

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So Whatre The Best Products For Fine Wavy Hair

Once youve found products that work for your hair type, the transformation that follows is amazing.

If youve been using the wrong products, youll soon see that it wasnt your hair that was the problem the products just werent the right fit.

When you make the switch to lightweight, volumizing products that deliver just enough moisture to keep frizz at bay, youll see whats so special about 2A fine, wavy hair.

Soft, natural, and mermaid-esque, your fine waves are beautiful and will really blossom once youre working with the right products.

Get Highlights If You Want To Add Lasting Volume


Highlights are a great way to add texture and volume to fine hair. It roughs up the cuticle, making hair that is naturally limp and flat hold a voluminous style longer, Colette points out. Alas, this is the same reason highlights also weaken hair and require extra TLC. As long as youre not overdoing it , itll plump up your strands a bit sans product. If youre concerned about damage, Colette suggests asking your stylist to use henna, a plant-based hair color that is often used to make hair feel fuller, healthier, and shiner without the added damage of highlights.

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How To Wash Thin Curly Hair

It can be tempting to give your hair a good scrubbing to ensure its squeaky clean, but Ogario says that this technique should be avoided, particularly with thin curly hair.

If you overstimulate the scalp by scrubbing it too vigorously, it may produce too much sebum, he says. This is problematic because the oil attracts dirt from the atmosphere, clogging up the follicles and impacting healthy hair growth.

Instead, opt for a firm but gentle circular massage technique with no rubbing or scrubbing.

Frizzy Hair Tip #: Brush Your Hair Before Bed

You wouldnt go to sleep without taking off your makeup, would you? Nope, we thought not! So, why would you hit the hay without brushing your hair? We get it: This might seem unnecessary, but it can actually help. When you brush your hair, youre distributing your natural oils from root to tip, which can help reduce the appearance of frizz. Now, thats something you can have sweet dreams about!

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Add Cinnamon To Your Latte

This may seem random, but cinnamon has been proven to be linked to hair growth. The spice improves circulation, which in turn brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles to prevent hair loss. Its an easy and yummy ingredient to add to your morning latte, so why not give it a shot? The results could surprise you!

Developlus Antiaging Hair Treatment System

Dry and Frizzy Hair Treatments At Home Under $15

It is one of the clarifying shampoos that are able to get rid of any dulling residue in your hair. It is, in most cases, a 5-minute, protein-packed product that can reconstruct and strengthen any fragile hair.

The system has gained a lot of popularity and positive reviews because of its ability to be a clarifying agent without stripping your scalp of its essential natural oils. Many users bank on this to rate it highly and render it a high-performance product.

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Is Fine Hair The Same Thing As Thin Hair

Fine hair and thin hair are two different things. Fine hair means each individual strand is thinner than a thread in circumference. Thin hair means there are fewer hairs on the head overall. Scalp visibility is common with thin hair.

Fine hair can be thin and sparse, medium density, or very dense and thick. If youre dealing with fine hair, thats just part of having type 2A hair!

If youre dealing with thin hair, you should use a hair growth supplement like Folexin to encourage denser, thicker hair with more scalp coverage and increased hair count.

How To Add Volume To Thin Hair

Of course, youre very much welcome to try to add volume to your thin hair, and there are several ways to do that. Here are some of them.

Save this infographic on your phone so you can always read it and be reminded of these tips!

Now that you know how to take care of thin hair, you can say goodbye to flat, limp, and lifeless locks. You can definitely make it look thick, but dont forget to love your hair in its natural state. After all, its not called crowning glory for no reason.

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Dos And Donts For Managing Your Frizzy Hair

Regardless of whether you love your larger-than-the-planet curls, your sleek as glass strands or your surf-approved beach waves, you aint got time for frizz. Fuzz and flyaway hairs make textured hair look messy, straight hair look out of control and any hair type look dry and damaged. So here are 10 dos and donts to help you take control of your frizz once and for all and restore smoothness and shine to your hair.

How To Care For Fine Curly Hair

Wavy/Curly Hair Routine (2B/2C Curls)
Photo Courtesy of

Although many people with curly hair struggle with too much volume, others face the opposite problem. “Fine curly hair is one of the most challenging hair types,” says Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue. Caring for fine curly hair can be a delicate balance. Too much productor products that are too sticky or heavycan weigh it down. But without the right products, the hair can lose its definition and get frizzy.

“They’re actually lucky their hair is curly,” says Jonathan Torch of the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Ontario, creator of Curly Hair Solutions. “The curls add volume. If it was straight, they’d have to rely on a perm.”

The right cut and styling products are especially important for fine curly hair.

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Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse: $39

Mousse can get sticky, but this one wont leave your strands the slightest bit crunchy. Well let this eager reviewer take over though. I had ditched mousse for over a decade, but gave this a try and Im using it every time I wash my hair now. I have very fine hair prone to frizz, but also thick, long, and curly. This is the first product that accentuates my curls and tames frizz efficiently while volumizing the crap out of it at the same time. Im obsessed! A small amount is all that is needed and even the one time I put too much in a section it didnt get crunchy, it was easy to work out and smooth to correct. Its pricey but performs outstandingly and one-of-kind. Also smells amazing without being overpowering.

How To Tame Your Hair Based On Your Frizz Type

Uncontrollable frizz is a universal problem, but theres nothing universal about frizz itself. Thats why hair care brand IGK just launched a âfrizz quizâ on their site to help people determine which type of frizz they haveand how to treat it. Frizz has always been a big concern with our clients, says IGK Co-Founder Aaron Grenia. So many say they just throw their hair up as soon as they see frizz. We get asked all the time how to tackle it, and the answer is different for every clientyou treat frizz differently based on your hair type and your frizz type. We wanted people to realize it doesnt have to be difficult, so we created this simple Frizz Quiz to diagnose their specific frizz type and get a customized regimen or quick fix.

Crybaby Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum, $25,

Courtesy of IGK

Courtesy of IGK


FRIZZ FACTOR: In the Curls Frizz happens inside your curls, Franck Izquierdo says. Itll leave some curls looking frizzed and without definition. For this type, you want to add definition and hydration to all of your curls to give a more uniform look. Prevent it by adding in more hydrating products, avoiding sulfates and salts. For curls specifically I also recommend touching your hair less often and being careful when you dry your hair, not to rub too much. Use a cotton towel or T-shirt towel and pat and scrunch dry.

Frizz At The Ends

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Potential Causes For Hair Thinning

From daily habits to genetics, theres a myriad of reasons why we suddenly lose hair. This is why prioritizing your hair and scalp health is so important, as hair loss can affect virtually anyone. However, there are four main types of hair loss:

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: the most common form of hair loss in women, androgenetic alopecia is characterized by thinning on the scalp. As its name would suggest, this type of hair loss is genetic and can be passed on from mother or father.
  • Telogen Effluvium: this kind of hair loss happens during periods of great stress. Youll see handfuls of hair on brush, bathroom floor, or pillowcase.
  • Traction Alopecia: youll see slight balding or a receding hairline where hair is normally pulled, twisted, or excessively styled.
  • Alopecia Areata: characterized by hair loss on the scalp and elsewhere on the body. This is caused by an autoimmune skin disease.

If youre still unsure about why youre suddenly experiencing hair loss, here are some other reasons:

A Verb Volume Spray That Uses Polymer Seed Extract Patented Copolymer Quinoa Protein And Soy Protein To Deliver Strength And Volume For A Commercial

bhave Keratin Treatment Review

Promising review: “This is the best volumizing spray I’ve ever used. I use this all over my roots but especially in my wet bangs before I blow dry out a nasty cowlick. It gives me some hold and control but is not sticky. It is not a spray gel. It’s hard to describe. It goes on like water, feels like water and smells like water. But it works like MAGIC. I have use this for a few years and it is the best.” MMF

Get it from Amazon for $18.

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R+co Bleu Ingenious Thickening Shampoo

Aylward prefers R+Cos Bleu shampoo and called it and the Bleu conditioner his new favorite combo for limp locks. This shampoo is made with kelp extract to help boost volume and thickness, vegetable proteins to strengthen the strands and a proprietary blend of oils to help improve shine. He also appreciates the products chic packaging and noted that you may be tempted to use as a flower vase once youve exhausted your supply of this worth-its-weight-in-gold product line.

Aylward also highlighted the R+Co thickening spray as his number one go-to for fine hair because it adds a confident, sexy touchability to the strands. My biggest problem when I use it is models cant stop touching their hair because it feels so good, he said.

What Ingredients To Look For When Treating Frizzy Hair

It all boils down to the ingredients in the hundreds of hair products available to you.

While shea butter is often recommended for nourishing the body, it can be used in many hair care products to nourish and condition the actual strands of your hair,Andrew Fitzsimmons, celebrity hairstylist for Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Jennifer Lopez and more, told The Post. Its rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and F.

Both Abramite and Fitzsimmons recommend coconut oil, too, as it helps strengthen and hydrate your locks.

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