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Are Halo Extensions Good For Thin Hair

Easyouth Halo Hair In Light Brown And Blonde For Thin Hair

HALO extensions on FINE, THIN hair | LilyHair

If you are a fair or tan lady, the warm golden hues of this extension will make you look absolutely gorgeous. The hair extension is long enough to add length while also making your natural hair look voluminous. The extension come with a wire and clips to make sure they fit perfectly.

Moreover, regardless of your head size, the weft can be customized accordingly. The hair extension is also made with real human hair, so it will be easier to naturally style your hair.

You can also wash, comb, and dye the extension just like your own hair. However, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner after each wash to make the hair extension last longer.

Key Benefits

  • Easyouth hair extensions are made with real Brazilian human hair, so they will perfectly blend with your hair.
  • You can adjust the hair extensions according to your head size to make sure they fit well.
  • You can also dye, wash, and comb the extension just like your natural hair.
  • They add length and make thin hair look voluminous.

Make Sure Your Extensions Don’t Cause Hair Damage

The best hair extensions are a solution for fine hair.

Not a cause of fine hair!


Your hair is already thin and delicate.


The last thing you want to do is wear extensions that are known to cause further hair loss and breakage.


Otherwise you’ll be causing more hair problems, rather than solving them.

More on that soon…

Other Hair Extensions Methods

While MicroLink and Tight-Line Hair Extensions are best for thin hair, there are hair extension methods that have been touted as such and here we will explain why these methods are not as effective. The reason these stylists recommend and prefer these alternative solutions is a simple one, these are the methods they know and offer.

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How To Choose The Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

Using hair extensions is a great way to add volume and length to your locks. If you are looking for a quick, easy, and affordable solution to making your natural hair look fuller with minimal work on your part, then you can consider wearing hair extensions

However, choosing hair extensions for thin hair requires careful consideration. This is because if you choose the wrong type of extensions, at best, youll end up with an unwanted style, and at worst, you could end up with hair loss.

Extensions come in many different styles, including those made from human hair, like Remy hair extensions , or synthetic hair materials like silk. There are also many different lengths available depending on the style you want to achieve!

In this article, we intend to make the extension selection process easier by filling you in on what to look for in your hair extensions and giving you some options to choose from.

Lets get right into it!

Locate A Certified Hair Extension Specialist

Best Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

If you want to wear extensions without the damage to your hair follicles, you must be diligent about locating a certified hair extension specialist, follow their instructions and committed to getting your extensions re-fit regularly to keep your extensions looking their best, as well as to ensure their proper wear and the overall health of your hair.

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Wearing Halo Hair Extensions

These are some recent posts where Im wearing the halo extension. You can click on them to view the entire post.

barefoot blonde fill in extensions

In these posts, I was wearing the fill-in extensions, which are just for a natural volume boost. My hair was also shorter earlier in 2020. I can wear these extensions all day without any headaches because they are very lightweight.

I currently use a Luxy halo extension, but Ive also tried Hidden Crown and Halo couture in the past. I think out of all three, the Halo Couture is my favorite, but it is the most expensive option.

hidden crown extensions

I personally dont recommend Hidden Crown after having a not so great working relationship with them that I wont get into, but I know a lot of girls who love them. They were the least natural looking to me, and the two color options I tried for my hair werent a great match. I tried the strawberry blonde , which was way too orange and streaky with thick blonde highlights, and the color 2412, which was also not the best match compared to others in the same color family.

halo couture extensions

luxy hair halo extensions

One halo brand Ive been curious to try but havent yet is from Sitting Pretty. They offer different weights depending on how much hair you want. But when Ive looked at their color options Im not sure if they have a good match for me, which is the biggest reason I havent tried them yet.

More Info On Halo Extensions

You will love Halo Hair Extensions as they are one of the most fun, amazing and innovative products weve come across. They are high in quality, come with more hair then other competitors and are made using 100% Indian Remy Hair. Halo is easily and quickly applied. And best of all, no clips, no tape, no glue. Just your Halo.

Halo Lengths Available & Pricing

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Natural Hair Weight And Density

Density is one of the most crucial aspects of hair extensions for thin hair. When you have fine or thin hair, you have fewer strands on your head than the average person does.

The fewer strands you have, the less stress your existing strands can support as a whole. If you install heavy extensions on thin or fine hair, there may be significant stress on your roots, which leads to damage and even breakage in some cases.

Therefore, when choosing extensions for thin hair, its imperative to choose extensions with a lower hair density .

The fewer strands your extensions have, the less they weigh and the better they are for your thin hair. Using low-density hair extensions will help to ensure that after installation, there wont be excessive strain on your strands.

Choosing hair extensions with the right density will help to prevent your natural hair from becoming damaged or broken while also ensuring that your extensions dont look or feel unnatural.

Best Hair Extensions For Fine Thin Hair

HALO HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR FINE HAIR FULL SHINE 2020 l AMAZON hair extensions on fine, thin hair

You can buy human hair tape in extensions on our website. Our hair extension company is a pioneer in the development of tape in extensions. Contrary to other hair extensions store, we dont deal with any middleman. As a result, all cost savings are passed on to you so that you can get access to affordable premium quality hair extensions.

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Are Halo Hair Extensions Safe For Fine Hair

Simply put:

Halo hair extensions are the best hair extensions for fine hair.

I might sound biased but I’ve been working in this industry for a long time.

So hear me out:

Why are halo hair extensions best for fine hair?

For two important reasons:

1) Halo hair extensions don’t damage your hair.

The Halo is a one-piece hair extension with an invisible wire, that secures to your head like a headband.

It doesn’t bond or glue to your hair in any way.


There’s zero risk of your fine hair getting pulled out or breaking.

And that means…

…You can grow your own hair back to full health, while enjoying thicker, longer locks today.

This can be hard to wrap your head around so I’ve linked to our video page to learn more here: Halo Extensions Explained.

2) Add instant volume in seconds

That’s right, you can have thicker, longer locks in literally seconds.

The before and after image you saw at the top of the page is of one of our customers.

The before image is without the halo .

And the after image is 20 seconds later, once she applied her halo extensions.

It’s that quick.


This is only one of hundreds of before and afters that we’ve collected over the years from our tens of thousands of customers.


  • Halo hair extensions don’t attach to your hair, therefore cannot damage it.
  • And they are easy to put in / take out.
  • This also means you can wash your hair and sleep/exercise without them which is important for both your hygiene AND hair health.

Do Not Be Tempted To Color Your Hair

The chemicals used in the process of coloring can weaken the extension bonds and also nullify their guarantee.

Your happy days with thick, luscious hair start here. If you have struggled with thin hair all your life, we hope we eased your frustration.

As we discussed above, there are more than one choice of hair extension you can go for if your locks are at the finer ends of things. So thereâs still hope for your hair transformation.

Content Michair

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Do All Hair Extension Types Work

Around half of the available methods are suitable for your hair type and thats good news! Why not the rest of them? Many extension types use attachment methods that would put too much strain on thin hair and make matters worse. Also, if the extensions are too heavy, you might end up with some of the hairs falling off because they cant stand the weight of the extensions.

So, you need to be careful when choosing extensions for fine strands because you might end up with a bigger problem than you started with.

What Hair Extensions Dont Work?

There are essentially four types of extensions that are not suitable for fine or very thin hair.

  • Beaded types such as micro-rings and micro-link loops that crimp extensions to the hair. The strain will be too much.
  • Cold fusion extensions like i-tips that require securing hair onto every strand.
  • Keratin or u-tip methods since you are adding too much pressure on individual roots.
  • Sew-in or hair wefts that are too complicated for thin hair.

How To Add Volume To Thin Hair With Halo Extensions

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Thin hair doesn’t have to restrict your hairstyling options or prevent you from having your dream hair. Many of us with thin hair spend a lot of time blow drying and curling our hair, applying volumizing products, and using shampoos and conditioners that are meant to make our hair look thicker and fuller. And they do help a bit, but the only way to really look like we have more hair than we actually do is to have more hair.

This is where hair extensions come in handy. Clip-In extensions, as well as halo extensions, give us the hair we wish we were born with and make us feel like goddesses.

We’ve got all the insider info on how to use hair extensions to add volume to thin hair, including how to choose the right ones, how to apply them, and the best beauty advice to take your look from drab to fab.

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Best Hair Extensions For Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a common problem that many girls will unfortunately have. In short, your hair is losing its density and its getting finer with each hair growth cycle. Not all of us were blessed with long and thick locks. This is precisely why our hair extension company is loved by thousands of Canadians: we have a solution to short and thin hair! That solution is to wear hair extensions. The use of hair extensions is the best method to go from short and boring hair to long and beautiful hair.

You may be wondering which hair extensions are the best for thinning hair and what are the best invisible hair extensions for thin hair. Before we proceed in explaining, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, if you suffer from serious hair loss issues, hair extensions may not be suitable for you. Take our words for it: we are a hair extension store. Its to our advantage if youd buy hair extensions from us. On the other hand, we wont be happy if you arent happy with your purchase. Therefore, it is important for you to be sure that hair extensions are a viable solution for your thinning hair problem. Feel free to contact us with a picture of your hair so that together, we can determine if hair extensions can be used in your situation. Most serious hair loss issues can easily be covered with the use of a wig. A wig is great if you have serious hair loss issues or if your hair is shorter than the recommended length to wear extensions .

Wash Gently And Use A Lightweight Conditioner

Choose a chemical-free gentle shampoo that wonât damage the quality of your extensions. Carefully condition only the hair strands.

When cleansing your scalp, gently rub your fingertips against the root and refrain from scrubbing too hard as you might disturb the bonds in the extensions and weaken them.

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Will Your Halo Hair Extension Fall Out

It is easy to wonder how halo hair extensions stay in the hair when they dont really attach directly to your hair. With clips, beads, tapes or glues, you can ensure that the extension will stay put all day long no matter how active you are. But the same can be said about halo hair extensions.

They are designed to sit just under the occipital bone and once you learn the right angle to apply these wonderful types of hair extensions, you will discover just how secure they are. The placement is the key and it may also depend on what quality of extension you buy.

The halo hair extensions are designed to sit under the top half of the hair and is tucked under the occipital bone, which is the bone that sticks out of the back of your head. Once secured in this position the extension will be very secure no matter the level of activity you do.

The clear wire that secures both sides of the halo across the top of your head from which the hair extensions hang will become completely invisible as the top as it blends in and becomes completely undetectable. It simply is just a seamless method of making your hair look fabulous.

Halo Hair Extensions Q& a

How To Cut Halo Hair Extensions For Thin Hair | Sitting Prettyâ¢

On stories I mentioned wearing halo extensions, and I received a lot more questions and interest than I anticipated! Ive worn many different types of hair extensions over the years, but I always go back to the halo. Ill touch on my experience with different hair extensions here, but I may do another post in detail for those of you researching different types of hair extensions. Today I wanted to answer your questions about the halo extension I currently use.

I also wanted to mention I do still wear these fill- in extensions from time to time, depending on what Im feeling that day. Ive been wearing the halo more recently because my hair has grown out.

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