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How To Style Thin Curly Hair

Embrace The Product Cocktail


Product cocktailing was essentially designed for the curly-haired community. “Product cocktailing is when you blend two products together to create the perfect blend for your hair texture. When you cocktail a product, you are creating a new version of each of those products vs. when you layer them on your hair. Its necessary for curly hair to find the perfect blend for your curl type,” Everett explains. Whether it be a gel and a cream like Amika’s Curl Corps Defining Cream and Curl Corps Enhancing Gel , or a cream plus a leave-in conditioner, any combination of cocktail conditioners and styling products will have your hair winning every single time.

Be Gentle When Detangling

Finer, thinner curl textures tend to be more prone to breakage, so you want to be careful how you actually detangle your hair. You want to make sure youre detangling your hair when its soaked and has at least a conditioner in it to help create a smooth slip. I like to detangle my clients hair during the conditioning portion of the shampoo service. I like to finger rake as much as I can to remove tangles without breaking the hair. Hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet, Clark says. The pH of an average hair strand is approximately 4.5-5.5. Waters pH is 7, making it more alkaline than our hair especially after shampooing. During this moment we are disturbing the cuticle by shamppong, so we need to be extremely gentle. If you feel that at this time you need help to detangle your hair, the best brush would be a metal-tipped brush, which eventually distributes the hair strands and massages the scalp at the same time.

What Is Thin Hair

Thin hair is often characterized by a fine hair texture. Hair strands may be thinner than your average sewing thread. Thin hair is also more delicate than thicker hair types, with less volume. It generally doesnt hold up to curling and styling as well or long as other hair textures .1

You could be born with thin or fine hair as your natural hair texture, or you may develop it later in life. Learn more about how your hair can suddenly become thin and how you can and should adjust your hair styling and maintenance.

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If Your Hair Is Dry Or Oily

Oily hair and dry hair dont require special haircuts, John D. says. Instead, they benefit most from a dry shampoo or a light-weight hair mask, which works to repair damage and bring back your hairs health. When applying the mask to fine hair, you want to coat from mid-lengths to ends and let it sit for a few minutes before shampooing. He recommends the Tresemmé Repair & Protect 7 Instant Recovery Mask Sachet, $3. For dry shampoo, we recommend the cult-favorite Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk, $20.

What Is Low Density Curly Hair

Shorter Hairstyle for Thin Curly Hair

Low density hair is where your hair strands are spread very far apart from each other and you can more easily see the scalp. You can have fine, medium, or coarse low density hair.

Anything that has a low density will have an easier time being affected by the factors in your day to day life, such as weather conditions, and air, because they’re more prone to not having enough support or protection from the elements.

Low density hair typically struggles with volume. Low density curls are also called thin curls.

So low density fine curly hair means each individual strand is thin and there aren’t many strands on your head.

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Styling Methods For Volume

I use something I call the Rake Shake Scrunch method, which is exactly what it sounds like. After glazing the product over my hair, I rake through to distribute and reduce frizz. I shake my hair to encourage the clumps to naturally form. Then I scrunch to seal in the clumps and ensure the product is all over my hair.

Keep Hair Oil In Your Routine

While there are certain oils that are too heavy for my fine, curly hair type, like coconut oil and olive oil, there are certain oils and oil blends that dont weigh my hair down. In fact, some do wonders when it comes to scalp health too. I believe that some oils are good and even necessary for curly hair. Tea tree is great for the scalp as an antifungal, anti-microbial, and antiseptic to combat things like flakes and other skin and scalp conditions, Clark adds. There are also oils like peppermint oil that help increase blood circulation to the scalp. But I dont believe that these oils should be left in for more than 24 hours. We do not want to clog our pores or bother our balance. As far as styling oils go, they work well in small doses. I would recommend only a few drops after your product routine to act like a sealant. I like avocado oil, neem bark oil, or even a light serum that does not have a heavy carrier oil.

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Top Tips For Fine Curly Hair

If you find that your baby-fine hair is hard to care for, you arent alone.

Thin curly hair can be difficult to manage, as it often has fewer cell layers in the cuticle, explains trichologist Stephen Garfit. Fewer hair cells in the cuticle layer reduces the hairs ability to retain moisture, leaving it dry and unmanageable.

The use of thermal styling devices like hair straighteners also increases cuticle damage, Garfit adds.

Try these 10 tips:

  • Dont vigorously towel dry. Blot dry gently with a towel instead.
  • Dont overload your hair with a lot of product at once little and often works best.
  • Leave the curls to dry naturally. If using a hairdryer, use an ionic dryer on a low heat setting with a diffuser.
  • Steer clear of heavy styling products.
  • Choose lightweight detangling conditioners.
  • Curly Hair Routine For Thinning Hair Over 40

    How to Style Thin Wavy Hair – TheSalonGuy

    I’ve been sharing more about my journey to reclaiming my curly hair from childhood on and wanted to jot down my current curly hair routine. Last May, I began transitioning to curly hair. I was born with curly hair but over the years the curl disappeared. Since turning 40, my hair has become harder to manage and has begun thinning. My stylist suggested coaxing out my natural curl to make styling easier and give an appearance of fuller hair. To read more about my curly hair journey you can read my post where I shared the curly hair community intimidated the hell out of me. But several months into this transition, this is my current curly hair routine for my thinning hair:

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    Dos & Donts When Styling Low

  • DO Dry detangle with pre-poo oil to prevent matting & tanlges when washing.
  • Dont go straight in and lather up tangled curls
  • DO Use a lathering shampoo
  • Dont use a co-wash as your only cleanser if your hair gets weighed down or is oily
  • DO Deep conditioner weekly or every other week
  • Dont apply it to your roots if it gets weighed down. Another option is to deep condition before shampooing.
  • DO Rinse & style upright if possible. If rinsing upside down, be sure to brush hair in the upright position after rinsing.
  • Dont begin to style with your hair all pulled forward upside down.
  • DO towel dry hair and then spritz water where needed before applying stylers.
  • Dont style soaking, dripping wet. This dilutes your product, clumps curls too much to where your scalp shows, and takes forever to dry.
  • DO Apply a lightweight curl cream or leave-in for moisture
  • Dont use heavy butters or oils. Avoid shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut oil for example.
  • DO Use a thin, gel formula or mousse
  • Dont use heavy, thick gels that contain butters and oils.
  • DO Use a styling brush to create seperated ringlets, finger coil, etc. Pickup vertical sections, curling random pieces and not your whole head.
  • Dont create large, thick curl clumps. Avoid sectioning if you want more volume.
  • DO direct hair up and away from scalp, and pickup horizontal sections at crown to cover the scalp and any cowlicks
  • Dont brush downwards only when styling
  • DO microplop
  • Dont air dry if you want volume
  • How To Style Low Density Fine Curly Hair

    Do you have low density, fine curly hair and youre struggling to style it? Then, this post is for you.

    Below, I have a thin or low density, fine curly hair routine for you and some pretty cool tips and tricks to get a fuller, voluminous look when you style.

    Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

  • Curly Hair Mousse
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    Styling Tricks Women With Fine Flat Hair Need To Know

    Having fine, flat hair might seem easy to style. After all, fine hair requires little blow-drying and you can effortlessly tie it in a low-slung bun or ponytail on your way out while still looking chic. But many people with this hair type will tell you that it can be difficult to hold curls or add natural-looking volumeand no one wants droopy, limp hair halfway through the day.

    To learn how to add gorgeous volume that stays put until happy hour, SELF talked to a few top hair stylists for their best tips and favorite haircut styles for people with fine, flat hair.

    Spray Products Into Your Hands First To Add Extra Texture

    The Best Haircuts For Curly, Thick, and Fine Hair

    If want some piecey-ness and your hair is very fine, put product in your hand first, says Townsend. Try a texturizing spray like Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous dry shampoo, $32. Spray it into the palm of your hand, dab fingers in it, and work it into your strands to add distinct texture. For added moisture, Atkin recommends the Ouai finishing cream, $24, which is like lotion for your hair, so applying a dime size amount all over helps tame any fly-aways.

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    Care Tips For Really Thin Curly Hair

    One of the best things you can do for your fine thin curly hair is focus on strengthening and hydrating each and every strand. With just a little gentle care, you can help your hair live its best life.

    Our hair is an important part of us and can easily affect our mood and outlook on lifewhy leave something like that up to chance?

    Layers Are A Girls Best Friend

    Pro Tip: When choosing a stylist, try to find one that advertises curly haircuts, and especially one that cuts your curls dry. Unlike those ladies with naturally straight hair, curly hair looks completely different when its wet vs. dry. So it stands to reason that if you get your hair cut wet, it will look and fall completely differently once it dries.

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    Set Hair With Velcro Rollers To Add Extra Lift

    Colette suggests that after blow-drying, you section off pieces of hair at the crown, roll them up into Velcro curlers, and use the cool setting on your dryer to set the style. Finish with a texturizing spray like Oribe Texturizing spray, $22, or Ouais Wave spray, $26, spraying at the root in sections. That way, when the style starts to fall throughout the day all you need to do is flip your head over, massage your scalp, and fluff your hair up, Colette adds.

    Know Your Curl Pattern

    How To Style Natural Curly Thin Hair Tutorial

    “Curly hair is identified by the distinctive S-shaped curves with uniform wave patterns. The curlier your hair is, that S shape pattern will coil and can spring up all the way to a zig-zag pattern,” Wiley explained. Curly hair is a rose by many different names: Curly, textured, coily, kinky, the list goes on and on.

    Knowing your curl type, whether it is from 2a to 4c, can absolutely impact your relationship with your hair, as well as figuring out your hair’s porosity, or its ability to absorb and hold moisture.

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    What The Hell Do You Do With Fine Thin And Slightly Curly Hair

    I have a huge issue with my hair

    I dress up nicely for work, but then I have to deal with my hair, and I generally just stick it in a ponytail. Id like to try something different, but the very make-up of my hair makes it hard to do anything with it!

    Ive always had very thin, fine hair that curls naturally in certain humidity. In hot weather its just frizzy. My other issue is that I dont have a lot of it I never have. But Ive noticed that, depending on the season, my hair gets slightly thicker.

    Ive tried Shamphree briefly, and coconut oil, and others. But theres just so many options out there that I wonder what has worked for other people with fine, thin, sometimes frizzy hair? -Erin

    There might be some nuggets of advice in our article and the comments about post-partum hair loss to help with thin hair inspiration. But as far as the rest Im personally at a loss. So lets open it up to the Homies with fine thin curly hair

    How do YOU style hair that is fine, thin, and sometimes curly sometimes frizzy?

    Working tirelessly to bring you stimulating content day after day, our team of Offbeat Editors will not sleep until you’ve gotten your offbeat fix.

    Here Is A Breakdown Of My Routine:

  • Shampoo with EVOLVh InstaVolume. I leave it in for a few minutes while I soap up. Rinse it out completely.
  • Spray the EVOLVh InstaVolume elixir liberally all over my hair. I try not to get much near the roots and focus more on the ends. I flip my hair and spray the underside as well. I let it sit a bit then squish in a little bit of water. Then I finger detangle with my head upside down.
  • Rake in a pea sized amount of the TreLuxe ReFlex serum. Shake and scrunch a little.
  • Rake in a nickel sized amount of EVOLVh Total Control Styling Creme. Shake and scrunch all over, flipping my head to the sides to ensure the curls fall naturally and avoid wonky sections. Scrunch in a pea sized amount of the styling creme to set the ends.
  • Microplop with my hair towel.
  • Wait a few minutes then pixie diffuse.
  • You can watch my full styling routine below.

    And for the next day, I love using EVOLVH’s UltraFlex hair spray along with some dry shampoo to add back in some volume. I use it if I’ll be spending some time outside to help hold my style and whenever I decide to refresh my hair a bit.

    I’d love to hear if this routine works for anyone else. I know some of you who follow me on Instagram have seen my amazing results a few times, went ahead and ordered the InstaVolume line and have loved it as well.

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