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How To Style Thin Hair

Manicured Bear And Brush

How to Style Thin or Fine Hair – TheSalonGuy

That moment your central hairline begins to falter and show signs of surrender can be a stressful moment for anyone. Rather than seeking to not draw attention to it by going with a more demure style, embrace the transformative change and do something bold! A pompadour-esque brush-back bristling with attitude and texture will help you show the world that you have plenty of years of fashionable excess left in the tank.

Cutting Your Hair Creates More Volume

Nervous to cut thin, fine hair? Don’t be! Longer tresses weigh down hair near the scalp, so you lose fullness and volume at the root.

“Some women think by not cutting their hair it’ll make it look thicker, but the reality is you have to cut it because if you don’t it’ll look stringy,” Mele explained.

Heavy layers tent to thin the bottom out even more, so that adds to a thinner, more scraggly appearance overall.

“Finer hair typically looks best when the length is at the collarbone or shorter,” said Holly Pistas, artistic director, master makeup and hair designer at Gordon Salon in Chicago. “With anything longer than that, the ends can look transparent.”

Bobs, lobs or blunt cuts even pixie cuts are all great options for giving an appearance of thicker hair. “If your hair lays flat as a board, is prone to static and shows every scissor mark after a cut. I suggest opting for a blunt cut with microlayers,” said Fae Norris from Neighborhood Salon in Los Angeles. You definitely want to avoid “The Rachel,” she added.

Wedding Hairstyle For Thin Hair

You can feel gorgeous on your wedding day with a long half braided hairstyle. Using texturizing spray will help to tease the hair and play up any waves you add with a curling iron.

Your thin hair will actually feel luxurious tucked up into these two buns. To add a bit more texture to your hair, curl it or add a few waves before pulling hair up.

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Middle Part Blunt Bob

How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it?

I would describe this look as being edgy while maintaining a timeless feel. This client is a fashion student and enjoys a more dramatic look, complete with a sharp middle part and finished off with the blackest black of hair color.

What products do you recommend to maintain and recreate this look?

This look can be styled so many ways. For this particular photo, there was very little styling required. I primed the hair using Redken One United before the blowout, flat ironed quickly and completed the look with Verb Ghost Oil to give a high sheen to complement the color and prevent flyaways. I also finished with KMS Hairplay hairspray for added hold.

What type of client would you recommend this look for?

The look is a no-brainer and can easily be modified to fit most clients needs. This look was tailored to her desire for something sleek and high drama, but this style could easily be worn more textured and tousled. For a client looking for a versatile look that doesnt require heavy styling, a bob is always a good option. I would recommend this for clients of all ages, lifestyles and hair textures.

Choosing The Right Style

40 Stunning Hairstyles That Make Thin Hair Look Thick
  • 1Christine GeorgeMaster Hair Stylist & ColoristExpert Interview. 10 January 2020. Look for the words âthickeningâ or âvolumizingâ on the bottle. Shampoos designed to thicken your hairâs appearance typically do so with ingredients that plump up your hairâs roots. Good Housekeeping has this ranked listing of available thickening shampoos.
  • Two-in-one shampoos tend to be ideal because they tend not to weigh hair down.XResearch source
  • Donât wash your hair every day. Washing every day will strip your hair of natural oils that help it stay healthy and full.XResearch source
  • 2Avoid heavy conditioners. Conditioners that are âhydratingâ or âsmoothingâ or otherwise intensive will weigh hair down.
  • Be sure to rinse all of the conditioner out of your hair after applying so that the residue wonât weigh hair down.
  • 3Use the right blowdrying technique. A good blowdrying strategy can go a long way toward enhancing your hair’s fullness the wrong technique, on the other hand, can exacerbate your problem.
  • If you blow dry your hair, begin by flipping your hair upside-down and dry until most of the dampness is gone.XExpert SourceChristine GeorgeMaster Hair Stylist & ColoristExpert Interview. 10 January 2020. Then flip your hair back over and blow dry the rest of your hair in sections using a round brush.
  • Using a diffuser can also help boost your hairâs volume if you have wavy or curly hair.XResearch source
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    Super Texturizing Side Braid

    Image: Shutterstock

    Side braids may seem so passe but add a little spin on it and youll end up with something super chic and trendy! You could do what Chloe Grace Moretz has done here and go for a super deconstructed style to add some edge and rebellious vibe to your braid.

    What You Need

    • Hair elastic

    How To Style

  • Start off by spritzing on texturizing spray all over your hair to give it some messy texture and hold.
  • Tease down the hair at the crown of your head to give it some volume.
  • Part your hair down the middle.
  • Flip all your hair over one shoulder.
  • Braid your hair in a side braid.
  • Pull apart and loosen your braid to give it that super messy look. Dont be afraid to pull out some pieces of hair from the braid, it will only add to the look.
  • And thats how you do it, ladies! Hope you got some styling inspiration for your thin hair from this list! Comment below to let us know which styles have worked for you and what we could avoid when dealing with thin hair.

    This Silver Sleek Bob

    There’s nothing a cool color can’t do for your hair. Coating your hair with a color of your choice is an easy distraction everyone will be too busy complimenting you on your hair color, rather than your texture. Be sure to consult a professional colorist to figure out which shade will suit your skin tone best. Jourdan Dunn was a walking goddess at the Met Gala with this cool-toned, silver hue.

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    Do Find The Perfect Cut

    There are so many great cuts to choose from that give short, thin hair a healthy, natural look. One of the most popular nowadays is the pixie cut. Its getting a lot of positive feedback because it adds form and texture.

    So, whats a pixie cut exactly? With this haircut, your stylist will give hair in the back an undercut. Then, theyll leave your hair at the crown and front longer and layered.

    Mens Hair Grooming: 9 Ways To Style Thin Hair

    Style Tips for Thinning Hair | Best of Everything

    1. Cut It Short

    Many men with thin hair try to grow out their hair or part it differently to cover bald spots. But actually, shorter hairstyles are way more flattering for thin and fine hair.

    This is because long hair is heavy, so it has less volume at the roots. Short hair, on the other hand, is more lightweight, so it looks good in volumized styles. Men tend to lose their hair on top, so keeping the hair shorter on the sides helps to blend everything together and make those thin areas less apparent.

    Men who have a bit more hair to work with should ask their barber for a hairstyle with short sides and a little more length on top. If youre further along in your hair loss journey, ask your barber for a close crop.

    2. Wash Your Hair Often

    Most guys with thinning hair are afraid to wash their hair too often. Unfortunately, too-greasy hair clumps together, creating more scalp show-through. But dont worry, its a myth that washing your hair too often makes it fall out! In fact, washing your hair can help make your hair look thicker by reducing the oiliness that weighs down strands, giving hair more volume.

    Just make sure to select a gentle shampoo that wont dry out your hair or scalp, like Toppik Hair Building Shampoo. This lightweight formula doesnt weigh hair down and leaves it healthier and fuller-looking. For best results, follow with Toppik Hair Building Conditioner after shampooing.

    3. Try Dry Shampoo

    4. Use a Thickening Serum

    5. Choose the Right Hair Products

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    Slicked Back With Pomp

    A pompadour is nothing if not lively, and a lightly textured and layered model such as this is no exception. It makes excellent use of blond hairs natural tonal variation between light and shadow. Have your barber chop in some subtle spiky texture into the top length, and opt for the wider-toothed comb or even finger-brush it back for a sleek and suave style.

    This Braided Victorian Updo

    This crown braid swept into an updo looks like it was made for Lucy Hale. She’s a boho princess in this elegant style. And is that a flower I see peeking in the back? Gorgeous. Updos are not only photogenic if you have a fancy event on your calendar, but they’re ideal for fine hair because the style adds so much shape and structure.

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    Effortless Medium Shag With Bangs

    Opt for an effortless, Medium shag-esque cut. Even if you have hair thats fine, the disconnected layering allows for plenty of movement and volume while still maintaining a bit of structure.

    For someone who likes to air dry and go, something like R+Cos Rockaway Salt Spray is my go-to for this soft, beachy texture. Otherwise, blow dry with a volumizer and then use my flat iron to give it some wave. Finish this style with Oribes Dry Texture Spray!

    This look is great for someone who wants to give their hair some shape and life while still keeping some length to it. I think the fringe can really add some style and softness around the face, even for people who like to wear their hair up often.

    Layered Hairstyle With Side Bangs

    Best Haircuts For Thin and Fine Hair, Hairstyling Tips ...

    This is another remarkable style in the lot of the short length hairstyles for thin hair. In this cut, you will get the attractive look with the side bangs and multiple layers in the front and back side.

    The length of the hair is short, and it ends above your shoulder. The layers above your ears can make your appearance bold. The layers of the hair can increase the volume of the hair and hide the thinness at the same time.

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    How To Style Thin Hair For Men

    Admit it. You could have amazing skin, the body of Adonis and all the sartorial genius of Cary Grant, and youd still be stressing over your rapidly-thinning hair. If it makes you feel any better, youre not alone. Thinning hair can be a major confidence-killer for a lot of guys.

    If youre not quite ready to go full Jason Statham by embracing the bald , dont panic. You have a slew of style options to cover up a diminishing hairline. Below, were dishing out our best tips on how to style thin hair for men.

    Long Hairdos To Volumize Thin Hair

    Though hair experts tend to recommend chops for thin hair, you can wear it long too if you use some tricks for a fuller look. Its not a low maintenance option, but its chic and feminine, so its worth a try. First of all, search for a texture that can be gained through layering, tousled waves or texturizing products like sea salt sprays. Dont hesitate to incorporate extensions into your hairstyle, if you prefer wearing your hair loose. Otherwise, opt for volumizing updos, including fluffy ponytails, textured knots, messy braids, and so on. Anyway, when blow- or air-drying your hair, dont miss to lift it at the roots. Now, have a look at what you can get.

    Layering in the front works great for giving a vibe to long straight hair without scarifying the length.

    However, you can opt for an all-the-way-round layered hairdo with razor-cut tips to rock a hot disheveled look.

    Its nice to have long hair for an exquisite wedding updo, combining an elevated top, a messy chignon and soft face-framing waves.

    The layered do with eye-grazing angled curtain bangs is perfect for effortless everyday styling.

    For a more sophisticated look, team up piece-y wavy locks with thinned out straight bangs, making an arch to envelope your face nicely.

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    Medium Length Hairstyles For Thin Hair To Look Fuller

    As it was already mentioned, shoulder-length dos are short enough to give you all the benefits of lighter and stronger locks. Apparently, a blunt lob is the first thing that comes to mind, but there is always a room for correctly placed layers. When you have thin or thinning hair, the last thing you want is the sparseness. Thats gonna cause your hair to look limp and flat, says celeb stylist Jill Crosby in her video and suggests a blunt cut with wispy layers around the face for an added texture without taking away too much from the fullness of the style. This option and other cute mid-length hairdos are illustrated below.

    A layered bob is a go-to option for thin black hair to give both structure and shape to natural curls.

    It is smart to combine a texture and a color gradient when you need to jazz up your fine thin hair.

    A blunt bob adds body to fine tresses, but you can take a step further and ask for a sassy geometric and slightly angled cut.

    A shoulder length bob with wispy face framing layers brings the best of both worlds body on the bottom and dimension around the face.

    Have your bob wavy and messy for a volumizing effect coupled with an airy feel and movement.

    Thin Hair25 Best Haircuts For Thin Hair

    How to Style Thin Wavy Hair – TheSalonGuy

    If you have fine or thin hair, chances are youve tried just about every volumizing shampoo and conditioner, body-building hair mousse, and strong-hold hair spray you could find in an effort to make your hairstyle maintain its shape. But, did you ever take a minute to consider that the fate of your seemingly limp hair could actually lie with your hairstyle and the way your hair is cut? If you want to breathe new life into your thin hair , read on to educate yourself on the best haircuts for thin hair.

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    Side Parting And The Tuck


    Olivia Wilde always seems to know what looks good on her, be it clothes or hair. Were taking a cue from her with this simple yet effective hairstyle. A messy parting can make your hair look much thicker than it actually is.

    How To Get The Look

    Brush your hair to remove all tangles and knots. Part your hair on the side. Dont go for a straight parting, make it slightly irregular. Simply tuck one side of your hair behind your ear.


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