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Which Nioxin Is Best For Thinning Hair

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Nioxin System Kits – Dedicated Hair Thinning Treatment

4.5 average rating

I tried several different options before but Hims combined approach of all four methods by far created the best results.

– Brian

Hims has been the greatest confidence boost, no more bald jokes! I look and feel so much younger!

– Mike

When I show my barber my progress, he is always in disbelief. I have to recommend Hims to any guy whos experiencing thinning.

– KJ

Other Dht Blocking Shampoos

In addition to Nioxins range of hair care products, many other companies offer shampoos and conditioners that block DHT and prevent hair loss.

These shampoos often contain ingredients such as ketoconazole and saw palmetto, which can help to wash away follicle-clogging sebum and promote healthier hair.

Our Hair Thickening Shampoo, for example, contains saw palmetto to promote optimal volume and moisture. Our guide to DHT blocking shampoos goes into more detail about how shampoo can help you to prevent shedding and maintain a healthy head of hair.

Hair loss treatments, delivered

Are There Any Side Effects

Well, yes actually. There are. Some are nice and pleasant, others are a little more uncomfortable. Most are totally normal. The Nioxin reactions you can expect are:

  • A cooling, tingling sensation
  • Dry/brittle strands
  • Increased hair fall

Dont worry about these side effects theyre completely normal, simply an indication of your scalp getting used to the new treatment. That redness and tingling mean its working!

But in some cases, you might experience a more severe reaction for instance, if youre allergic to any of the active ingredients. Check out Lady Alopecias post on these reactions to learn more.

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What Are Sodium Laureth Sulfate And Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

As we saw, two of the ingredients you will find in some Nioxin products are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate . These chemicals are so-called surfactants and are used as cleansing and foaming agents. Nioxins rich lather is largely due to the SLS in the formula.

What many users dont know is that these chemicals are also used in industrial detergents and household cleaning products like laundry detergents, carpet cleaners, and stain removers.

\In recent years, they have come under increasing scrutiny, as some claim, they can have an adverse impact on humans, especially when used excessively.

These chemicals have corrosive properties and are known as skin irritants, leading to dry skin and itchiness . They can also irritate the eyes.

These substances are common allergens and may be one of the leading causes of irritation caused by the use of Nioxin shampoos and cleansing products.

Does Nioxin Work By Increasing Blood Circulation In The Scalp


The scalp consists of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicle for effective hair growth. Some processes can break this blood flow and make your scalp worse.

The level of DHT is important in AGA-related hair loss. The androgen is connected to the receptors to the hair follicle end, and affected individuals may suffer from inflammation and irritation.

If you left it untreated, then, it turns into a long-term process which is called hair follicle miniaturization. The inflammation becomes permanent, and your hair strands will become thin and short. It affects hair growth and leads to irreversible baldness.

During miniaturization, the connection between the hair bulb, i.e., the bottom of the follicle and the vessels becomes strained. It leads to Dermal Papilla that loses its connection with the hair follicle altogether.

When there is no connection to the DP, then there will be no blood flow to the hair follicle. It means that there is no supply of oxygen and nutrients and no removal of sebum build-up, including DHT. Your hair becomes thinner and more brittle. It can easily fall out and break off.

You can treat this problem by using Nioxin products within some time. Reconnect the blood supply for proper cell division in the DP for the regrowth of healthy hair. Sodium Citrate in Nioxin is an effective anticoagulant that increases blood flow. When you apply it to the scalp, it improves the blood circulation system.

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A Comparison Of Aveda Invati Vs Nioxin Hair Loss Brands

Dealing with thinning hair or hair loss can be a little overwhelming. You will find yourself hopping from one hair brand to another in search of products that can work fast to get your hair back to normal.

If thats your current situation, then you might want to try some popular brands that most people have testified to have helped them deal with various hair issues.

Aveda Invati and Nioxin are among the leading brands striving to help people combat hair loss and thinning worldwide.

So, which brand between the two should you go with? Below is more information about the two brands to help you make a quick comparison.

Improvement In 5 Months

I have been using Nioxin products for 5 months, and I have experienced regrowth of hair and volume. When I started using the product, a query always came in my mind âDoes Nioxin work?â. Yes, after some time, I realized that it works. I am applying a few drops at once a day or twice and after that, I am getting good results. Now, my hair is growing in patches, but the hair density is quite good.

I am feeling good because I have purchased the right product in great value. I am hoping to recover from hair loss soon with the help of these products.

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti

Tea tree oil is the obvious hero ingredient in Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Shampoo. According to Dr. Green, tea tree oil is known to be “antimicrobial and antifungal, which allows it to soothe the scalp and address any itchiness, redness, swelling, or pain.” The shampoo is also infused with glycerin and ginseng, which can help with hair growth.

Different Nioxin Systems: 16

My Review on Nioxin Shampoo, treatment to stop thinning hair & hair loss.

Too much choice can get confusing. I get it.

And if youre already curious about these products, you might wonder: Which Nioxin system is right for me? Dont worry let Lady Alopecia help you in your shopping quest!

See below for a summary of each 3D system, or click the individual links to read my Nioxin system reviews.

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Does Nioxin Reduce Dht Levels In Scalp

Manyfactors are involved in genetic alopecia. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is one of them. It is an androgen hormone that is produced in both males and females for sexual development and maturation.

Hair loss can happen due to many reasons which include genetics, environment, and lifestyle. But the levels of DHT significantly affect the health of the hair follicle and leads to disrupt the healthy hair growth.

The high levels of DHT on the scalps of men and women, along with Androgenetic Alopecia is the common cause of hair loss. It triggers a process known as miniaturization, and affect the sebaceous glands to overproduce sebum. When it accumulates in the follicles, it reduces the growth of healthy hair.

The Nioxin shampoo contains Stinging Nettle and Saw Palmetto that can reduce the levels of DHT in the body. It is not clear whether Nioxin shampoo can block DHT or not. But, Nioxin products help in reducing hair fall and increasing hair density.

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Final Thoughts: Your Turn To Review Nioxin

Hopefully, this post has provided enough detail and advice for you to make an informed decision about Nioxin. In my own experience, its been really effective but I appreciate that it wont be the same for everyone.

Im not a doctor. Or a dermatologist. Or a trichologist .

Im just a lady with very little hair on her head. Who has tried countless alopecia treatments and found this one to be effective for a while, at least.

Does Nioxin work? Well, whether or not it works for you is anyones guess. But give it a go, see what you think and share your experience below.

Maybe your own Nioxin reviews will help a fellow alopecian in need!

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Which Nioxin Should You Use

The sheer range of products available in the Nioxin line up can be overwhelming and confusing for most hair loss sufferers. The company labels its products using numbers so you get to see names like Nioxin System 1, system 2, system 4 and so on.

So which Nioxin should you use?

Each Nioxin system basically consists of 3 parts: a cleanser, a scalp revitalizing conditioner and a leave-in scalp treatment.

System 1 and 2 are designed especially for normal to thin and fine looking hair. They both provide volume to thinning hair types and also refresh and rejuvenate fine hair by providing instant shine and texture.

Systems 3, 4, 5 and 6 are designed for chemically treated hair of varying length, texture and degree of thinning. You can use their online consultation tool provided on Nioxinâs website to find the right system for your hair concerns.

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Best Nioxin Hair Loss Conditioners Of 2022


You can depend on our experts to share their product searching experiences with you.

To assist you select the best nioxin hair loss conditioners brand, we examined all the features and came up with a list of ten possible purchases.

We looked at durability, materials, designs, expert reviews, and customer ratings to find the best-performing best nioxin hair loss conditioners.

The review includes detailed performance information and recommendations for your goals and budget. Find out which is best for you.

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Final Words About Nixoin

You can trust and buy this safe product from the salons, market, online portals, as well as the official website of Nioxin. Different online portals offer various discounts on every product. You can use the products as a treatment as well as for hairstyling. Get the best Nioxin hair care products for hair thinning treatment.

How To Make Sure You Choose The Right Nioxin For Thinning Hair

If you are an early or new user, it might be difficult for you to find the proper nioxin for thinning hair. You might be unaware of certain facets of the nioxin for thinning hair that you might have been thinking about. But we are here to help you out with that! The recommendations below might be helpful in your chase:

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What About The Side Effects

According to the makers of Nioxin, there are no side effects associated with Nioxin.

As discussed above, some of the harsh chemicals in the Nioxin formula might act as skin irritants. Over time, rather than promoting a healthy scalp, the user may experience increased irritation and sensitivity. If you experience any unwelcome side effects when using Nioxin, discontinue treatment.

Change Your Habits And Lifestyle

Nioxin hair regrowth system: is it worth it?

Using the right hair care products is just one part of preventing damaged hair. You can also cut down on hair shedding and promote the growth of thicker hair by making the following changes to your hair care habits and lifestyle:

  • Limiting stress. Stress can cause hair loss. More specifically, it can trigger a form of hair shedding called telogen effluvium. Try to limit your exposure to stressful people, situations or anything else that causes you to feel anxious or worried.

  • Being careful with heat treatments. Anything that heats up your hair can potentially damage it, causing breakage and thinning. Be careful when using a hair dryer, curling iron or straightener. Use these tools infrequently and stick to the lowest heat settings.

  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Hair shedding can often occur as a result of crash dieting or nutritional deficiencies. Make sure to eat a balanced diet that provides your body with the macronutrients and micronutrients it needs for optimal hair growth.

  • Use hair growth supplements. Numerous supplements can stimulate hair growth and keep your hair healthy. Try adding our Multivitamin Gummies, which contain biotin and niacin, to your daily hair care routine.

Our guide to thickening your hair shares other techniques that you can use to keep your hair in optimal condition.

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Which Nioxin System Should You Use Choosing A Hair Loss Treatment

Which Nioxin system should you use? Whats the difference between Nioxin system 1 vs 2? Check out the Nioxin systems explained right here.

Have you recently started paying attention to your hair density and realized that it is thinning each passing day?

It might be the case from the last month or even the last six or seven months. The thing overall is that hair loss and hair thinning is the real issue, and it is more common than you think.

Also, the issue is not limited to any one specific gender. Both men and women of all ages can go through it.

So, if your hair is getting less denser, you know how annoying and frustrating it gets when the shafts fall.

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According to Nioxin experts, there are various factors that cause your hair to be thin therefore, there is no one regimen that will suit all.

So, taking that into consideration, Nioxin has created system kits that target different hair concerns and help along with your hair thinning issues.

If you are facing progressive thinning and are looking out for hair care products to help with your thinning hair, there are so many options out there to try on.

But I personally feel Nioxin is one of the best products you can go for.

Then again, Nioxin offers various systems, so which hair loss system should you use?

Which Vegamour Product To Use For Your Hair

As you can tell, Vegamour has many different products that you can use for hair growth.

Choosing which Vegamour product would best fit your needs can be a little challenging because of this.

Basically, there are four different topical treatments that you have to decide between.

There are the GRO Hair Serum, the GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum, the GRO Hair Foam, and the GRO+ Advanced Hair Foam. While these four topical treatments might share some similarities, there are different enough to be their own products.

All four of them are loaded with great ingredients and are meant to be used daily.

First, you should choose between the serum and the foam.

Either option can be used on both damp and dry hair. However, the foam is going to give your hair extra volume if you apply it to your hair while your hair is a little damp.

Both can also be used all over your scalp. The serum is going to be better for targeting specific problem areas, though, thanks to the dropper that it comes with. The Vegamour foams are slightly better for applying all over your hair, but the serum is better if you dont shampoo daily.

As for the differences between the GRO and the GRO+ Advanced products, the latter has additional ingredients in them, such as CBD in the form of broad-spectrum hemp. This is in all of their GRO+ Advanced products, not just the ones they offer for your hair.

However, the Advanced products are slightly more expensive because of this added ingredient.

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Aveda Invati Vs Nioxin Hair Loss Shampoos

Both Aveda Invati and Nioxin have very popular hair loss products. Also, both are reputable brands, which might make it difficult to choose one of them.

Although there are a lot more information about the Nioxin shampoo for hair loss, that of Aveda Invati hasnt really caught on.

But that doesnt mean its not a good product. This is a brand that has been around for a long time. So, lets compare their shampoo.

There hasnt been much information about the effectiveness of both hair loss products.

In fact, some have claimed that they might not both work well for permanent hair loss but temporary hair loss. This is as a result of the ingredients being directed at temporary hair loss.

So its not like they wont work. They just might not work well for you if you have permanent hair loss.

How To Use Nioxin System Hair Treatments

Nioxin System 2 Cleanser Shampoo

Each Nioxin System kit includes shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment.

Step 1. Start with your chosen Nioxin System shampoo. Gently massage it into your hair and scalp, and then rinse well.

Step 2. Take your chosen Nioxin System conditioner and apply it from your scalp to the ends. This conditioning process is different to usual conditioners which usually instruct to apply just from the mid lengths to ends – so be sure to condition your entire head and hair lengths.

Step 3. Leave your conditioner in for 1-3 minutes then rinse.

Step 4. Give your recommended Nioxin System scalp treatment a shake then apply evenly to your entire scalp. Do not rinse.

Thinning hair can be challenging, however knowing which Nioxin System treatment is right for your hair can make all the difference. No matter which Nioxin System you need, we guarantee the results youre looking for and you can find them right here at Oz Hair & Beauty. Shop Nioxin shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatments online today!

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How To Choose A Nioxin Shampoo

You should look for a Nioxin Shampoo based on your hair type. There are various systems and types of Nioxin shampoos that focus on one hair issue at a time. This ensures that you reap maximum benefits from the product you use. The choice of shampoo you buy depends on:

  • Dryness: Nioxin shampoo help to treat the dryness of your hair
  • Thinness: It depends on how thin your hair is.
  • Treatment: Whether your hair is chemically-treated or untreated.
  • Dandruff: It also depends on the presence or absence of flakiness and dandruff on the scalp.
  • Oiliness: There is also special consideration for those who have oily hair and scalp.
  • There are various systems from 1-6 present in Nioxin shampoos, these systems vary based on the hair type and what it demands.


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