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Are There Any Hair Loss Products That Really Work

How Long Has This Been Going On

Do HAIR LOSS Products REALLY WORK? | My SHOCKING Natural Hair Experience

None of these treatments are miracles that will resurrect totally dead hair follicles. If a hair follicle is dead, its gone. Nothing will bring it back. So this is more about setting your expectations appropriately and avoiding letdowns.

Hair loss treatments can help you keep the hair you currently have. And yes, they can also help you regrow hair thats on its last legs those thinning, straggly hairs that were once proud, and follicles that are at deaths door and incapable of contributing anything visible without your help. You can restore vitality to this hair.

So the sooner you commit to a treatment, the better. And if your head is already thoroughly bald and smooth and shiny, then you shouldnt waste your money on these treatments. Hair transplant surgery would be the only possible option in this case.

How Effective Is The Combination Treatment

Each of these two medications separately is proven quite effective for a portion of men who are experiencing male pattern baldness, but neither is universally effective. This is because there is no single underlying cause of male pattern baldness among all of us. That would be too easy.

Finasteride and minoxidil act in totally different ways. Because of this, your chances of seeing dramatic positive results improve if you take both of them. In fact, data from clinical research suggests that as many as 90% of men with male pattern baldness can experience at least moderate hair regrowth by taking this combination.

Things You Should Know

  • Minoxidil should be applied to the scalp twice daily and is only effective if it is in direct contact with that particular area of the head.
  • It usually works best when applied to the crown, but is also effective when used on the front of the scalp, as long as there is some fine hair in the area.
  • The greatest results are seen from five months to two years, with a gradual decrease in efficacy after that.
  • The effects of the drug wear off as soon as you stop using the treatment. And if you do restart using it, in most cases you will not regain the hair that was lost.

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Our Top Hair Growth Product Choices

Our top choice stands above and beyond the competition, we think you will agree. The companys excellent reputation, top quality product, external independent monitoring, and testing, coupled with an incredible money back guarantee policy, makes this an undoubted solid pick for our #1 choice.

Rating: Excellent

The Big 3 Hair Loss Products That Actually Work

Are There Any Hair Growth Products That Really Work

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If youre starting to experience hair loss, then youve likely scoured the internet for information on what you can do to slow down the process. Whilst there are different options for you out there, youre probably going to come across The Big 3 for hair loss. But what are the Big 3, and why are they called this?

Well, the term The Big 3 usually refers to the main products used to help reduce, and in some cases reverse, hair loss. This is Minoxidil , Finasteride and Ketoconazole . Using these 3 products together are thought to be the optimal technique for fighting hair loss.


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The Truth About Hair Loss And Baldness Cures

By Laine Bergeson

Hair loss, common for men and many women in midlife, can have profound emotional and psychological effects. So, too, can baldness cures advertised as magical remedies.

Theres this guy, a regular caller on my radio show, who had his head disfigured by a terrible hair transplant, says Spencer Kobren, founder and president of the American Hair Loss Association and author of The Bald Truth: The First Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss. He purposely became a New York City cop so he could wear a hat. And he refused promotions so he could remain a beat cop and keep wearing the hat.

Forty percent of hair loss sufferers are women, and the phenomenon can be particularly devastating for them. With men, hair loss in midlife is expected and they can still be seen as attractive, says Kobren. But for a woman, it is over.

This makes women especially vulnerable to all manner of hair loss cures, and the possibility of spending lots of money, time and emotional investment on ineffective treatments.

A lot of men are suicidal, says David Kingsley, author of The Hair Loss Cure. And it is very traumatic for women. It affects their social life and their life with their spouse or partner.

Hair loss treatment is a $3.5 billion industry as big as the over-the-counter cold and flu market. But about 99 percent of the treatments dont work at all, says Kobren.

So what triggers hair loss in midlife, what really helps and what is nothing but a gimmick?

Hair Loss Treatment Features


When you start shopping for a hair loss treatment, you should always check the ingredient list to make sure that the product is proven to be effective.

Treatment frequency

With the majority of hair loss treatments, the more frequently you use the product, the better the results youll experience. Most topical scalp treatments suggest daily usage, with some formulas even recommending day and night applications. Other treatments, such as shampoos or masks, may only require application two to three times a week. Keep in mind that these types of products may not show results as quickly.


Some hair loss treatments for women have a strong scent that may be offensive or irritating to some people. Products that use natural ingredients like green tea, tea tree oil, and argan oil tend to have the mildest scents, but its especially important to avoid treatments with artificial fragrances. These can irritate your scalp and even weaken your hair and make it harder to stimulate new hair growth.

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What Is The Best Vitamin To Overcome Hair Loss

If you want to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth, make sure to ingest sufficient vitamin A.

Cells throughout your body, including your hair, require this nutrient to grow.

Various vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes, as well as yogurt, eggs, and milk, are excellent sources of vitamin A.

You can also think about purchasing supplements that will additionally increase your intake of this compound if you are not a fan of healthy nutrition.

Other beneficial vitamins to overcome hair loss include B-vitamin complex, and vitamin E.

Xcellerate3: Improve Hair Volume Density And Length

Top 5 Hair Loss Solutions That Actually Work

Some people prefer not to take an oral supplement but would rather target and stimulate follicles directly. If youre looking for a hair regrowth spray that produces effective, scientifically proven results, we recommend trying Xcellerate35.

Xcellerate35 is a spray-on scalp treatment that promotes hair development, reversing the effects of natural hair loss. The product uses a patent-pending formula that produces benefits for your hair, such as:

  • Increases density
  • Boosts shine
  • Promotes development

Xcellerate35 produces healthy growth by generating nitrogen oxide, which in turn opens your potassium channels and stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles. As your blood supply improves, your growth will increase, creating noticeable results.

The formula also gives you the essential nutrients, vitamins, and proteins your scalp needs to strengthen follicles and increase hair density.

This product is straightforward and easy to use. Simply spray Xcellerate35 onto your scalp to target follicles directly.

Xcellerate35 may be beneficial if you:

  • Are experiencing pattern baldness
  • Want to improve hair thickness
  • Want to strengthen existing hair

The company that created the Xcellerate35 formula used clinical, scientific testing to prove the products efficacy for hair loss. These trials showed that the average user experienced a 268% increase in strand density after using Xcellerate35 for fourteen days.

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Gromd Shampoo & Conditioner

I often wish this brand had been on my radar sooner, as I now consider this product to be a core part of any hair loss suffers treatment plan, whether male or female.

Incorporating smart, scientifically-proven ingredients known to combat hair loss, GroMD has taken the US by storm and is currently sold via dozens of salons and barber shops, with many customers reporting superb results.

Its a simple but ingenious concept: a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner combined with a Follicle Activator Spray , with both products engineered to prevent hair loss by leading IAHRS surgeon, Dr. Amir Yazdan.

Ive been lucky enough to experience first-hand the results of this ground-breaking system and can, hand on heart, confirm its a truly effective hair loss remedy one which has made my hair look and feel better. And the best thing is that Ive only been using it four months.

The secret to GroMDs effectiveness is its scientifically-formulated DHT blockers, a potent proprietary blend of patented ingredients: HairGenyl and Capixyl. These are given an added boost thanks to the inclusion of Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root Extract, all of which are natural DHT blockers.

Minoxidil Is The Best Hair Growth Product

This is one of the most efficient and prominent hair growth products on the market both form men and women. It is one of the most popular products as well! Minoxidil is listed as an antihypertensive vasodilator medication and helps treat hair loss. It is appreciated for its role in improving hair growth and making sure the thickness of your hair gets better too. It is best to look into this as soon as possible.

Now, after you know how to get thicker hair in seconds by hair fibers, you can start with treatments to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

Most people are not able to afford hair transplants, and therefore it becomes necessary to find an alternative. What is the best alternative right now? According to hair loss experts, the regimen one goes on must include minoxidil for best results in the long-term.

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What Causes Hair Loss Or Thinning Hair

Hair loss and thinning hair are complex — which is why you want to have a medical professional evaluate you to help figure out what the cause could be, or help you figure out appropriate treatment. According to Campbell, some forms of hair loss are related to autoimmune disease, which you want to rule out as well. Other potential culprits are medication-induced hair loss, anemia or thyroid problems. “Bottom line — there is not one catch-all treatment for all forms of hair loss. You need to first know what form of hair loss you have, what the cause might be and then treat it with that information,” says Campbell.

“Depending on the type of hair loss you’re experiencing, may be able to diagnose it by just your history and scalp/hair exam. However, they may recommend obtaining lab studies and/or a biopsy for additional information. Once you’ve obtained a diagnosis, you can narrow your treatment options to ingredients designed to specifically help your type of hair loss,” says Dr. Elyse Love, a New York-based board-certified dermatologist.

If you’re looking to get some extra help with growing out your hair, the products below are curated with expert input from dermatologists and based on research and reviews from online retailers like Sephora and Ulta. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning, remember to check with your doctor first, and once you’ve determined that over-the-counter products could help, the below options may help. We update this list periodically.

Are Serums Or Supplements Better For Hair Growth

Are There Any Hair Growth Products That Really Work

While serums work from the outside-in, supplements work from the inside-out. Ideally, youll be able to use both types of products at once for optimal results.

There arent yet studies that show the benefits of serums as opposed to supplements. However, in general, topical treatments tend to work quicker than oral treatments.

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The Most Aggressive Home Treatment Plan No Expenses Spared

If you want to cover all of your bases with a plan that doesnt involve surgery, we recommend a combination of three treatments: Hims finasteride + minoxidil AND HairMax LaserBand 82, together.

Studies suggest that using all three simultaneously is safe and may have a synergistic effect, meaning that the combined effect is actually greater than the sum of each ones effectiveness in isolation. That is, they are safe for you as long as you are a candidate for finasteride and do not have any abnormal scalp growths or skin cancer of the scalp.

These three treatments are not redundant all three act differently to help you fight hair loss. Since it takes several months to see results with any treatment, combining them gives you the best chances of aggressively and effectively keeping the hair you currently have, while also regrowing hair that recently went away. This is the most expensive non-surgical path that works, but it does seem to work best if you can afford it.

The downside of this approach is that you may never know which treatment or combination of treatments is really helping you most. Are all three effective for you? Just two of them? Or just one? Unless you want to risk your progress by using a process of elimination with your treatments over time, youre in a full-throttle investment that many cannot afford.

But if you budgeted for this and conclude you can afford it, then its the most robust approach with the greatest and most predictable success.

How To Find A Hair Growth Product That Really Works

With each latest health supplement trend, manufacturers very quickly begin to create products that they claim are the best on the market or the most effective, even manipulating the facts to claim that it is the doctors #1 choice.

These wild claims are often not backed up with scientific support and with no real explanations as to why they have formulated their version of hair loss supplements in the way that they have or how exactly they work to help hair growth and stop hair loss! To say the least, they are very vague.

It can be beyond confusing for consumers, not knowing which products are worth buying and which are worthless fakes. We felt it was time to carefully examine some of the products available, to discover more about which ones may be telling the truth and those that clearly you need to stay away from.

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Derma Roller & Hair Growth

Hair loss can be a significant problem when it comes to either personal or professional lives. Those who suffer from it are continually in search of solutions that will enhance their self esteem.

There have been many solutions that have been proposed from chemical treatments to cosmetic aids such as hair fibers and other covers that allow the users to avoid the social stigma of hair loss.

However there is one treatment that is now making headline news derma rollers. These devices use a number of needles to abraid the skin on the scalp in order to provoke a wound response that could reverse male pattern baldness.

There were many skeptics, however a study conducted in 2013 indicated that the treatment using these Microneedling did indeed result in dramatic regrowth of hair for those study subjects who were suffering from male pattern baldness.

The study, which compared results between subjects using only Minoxdil and those who used Minoxidil and the derma rollers showed that there was significant difference. It certainly indicated that the use of derma rollers could contribute significantly to the reversal of the male pattern baldness experienced by the study group.


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