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Does Acupuncture Help With Hair Loss

Expectations From Acupuncture Treatment For Hair Loss

Acupuncture for Hair Growth – Does Acupuncture Help Hair Loss?

You may have never thought about needle therapy as of recently. Things being what they are, what would you be able to anticipate from your first visit and ensuing treatment course?

Indeed, you might be stunned to find that your underlying encounter with an expert acupuncturist is a lot of like a regular meeting with your general professional.

For instance, youll first have a short physical test, and then they would provide you top to bottom clinical history.

Whats more, recall: Keep a receptive outlook. The outcomes wont be prompt, and you may want to surrender after your first or second session. Be that as it may, its critical to stay with it before making a judgment. You can consider wearing a wig to protect your bio hair as well.

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Apply A Moisturizing Diy Hair Mask:

If youre looking to treat breakage that’s preventing you from growing your hair to the length you want, Chambers-Harris suggests treating it at home with a moisturizing hair mask.


  • An avocado
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon oil, like safflower oil


  • Blend the avocado, honey, and oil together until smooth.
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp and through the length of your strands.
  • Use a steamer to amplify the benefits. The heat from the steam will open up your cuticles and allow moisture in. Additionally, honey is an excellent humectant that draws water to the strand.
  • After 20 or 30 minutes, rinse the mask from your hair with cool or warm water to seal the cuticle back.
  • Can Acupuncture Help Hair Regrowth

    Can acupuncture help hair regrowth? It may be related to increased blood flow and improved circulation in the skin, a common benefit of acupuncture. That could help stimulate hair follicles, nerves, and blood vessels so the hair loss will stop. Then, regrowth may begin again with additional treatment.

    What really helps regrow hair? To be most effective, apply the product to the scalp skin once daily for women and twice daily for men. Many people prefer the foam applied when the hair is wet. Products with minoxidil help many people regrow their hair or slow the rate of hair loss or both.

    Where are acupuncture needles placed for hair loss? The needles should stimulate areas in your body that are nerve-rich. This will usually include your glands and skin as well. In this case, the practitioner will put the needles around your head and neck to try and stimulate the users hair follicles. There are two ways acupuncture can be used to treat hair loss.

    Can lost hair follicles grow back? Its important to remember that hair follicle cells die, but hair regrows after the follicles rest. When your hair follicles are dead, they do not regrow hair. Even if you only see thin hair patches or fuzzy texture, your hair follicles are still alive and will continue to renew themselves.

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    > > > Best Hair Loss Solution Available

    Another way to treat hair loss is to undergo a surgical procedure. This is a surgery that uses a small piece of scalp, which contains hair follicles. The procedure is expensive and is not covered by insurance. If the balding area is large, it may not be possible to find sufficient hair for transplant. This method requires two surgeries, so the cost can vary from person to person. The surgery can be covered by your insurance provider, but it is not cheap.

    Surgical procedures to correct the underlying problem are available as well. In some cases, doctors may use birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, or antiandrogen medications to correct the hormonal imbalances. If the cause of your hair loss is a psychiatric disorder, you will need to consult with a doctor to determine the best treatment options for you. Sometimes, you may need to undergo more than one surgery, so it is best to seek help from a dermatologist.

    The first step in treating hair loss is to see a doctor. Your physician will run a blood test to determine the cause of your hair loss. This will help you choose the most effective treatment. Your doctor may prescribe a medication to stop your hair growth. Patients with psychiatric problems may also require special consultations and treatments. A therapist will be able to help you deal with your underlying psychiatric condition.

    Acupuncture And Herbs For Hair Loss

    Acupuncture for Hair Loss: Is it Effective?

    Hair loss is a condition that can start from a very young age, in ones 20s or even earlier. Male-pattern hair loss is extremely common. It can lead to partial or complete baldness. Female-pattern hair loss is ordinarily confined to thinning of the hair in the front and crown regions. Some causes of hair loss can be stress, thinking too much or family heredity. Feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness may be present.

    Using acupuncture and herbs is a safe and effective way to help hair growth. I have had some success with hair loss cases in my clinic. In Traditional Chinese Medicine , the differentiation mainly falls into two types: deficiency or damp heat stagnation. I combine acupuncture with herbs and it works well for most clients.

    The main acupuncture points are G5, 7,20, Du16, 19, Yi Ming, and St8. The treatment is given once a week or more often. Also at home everyday the client can use a seven star needle and tap the bald patch or scalp where the hair is thinning.

    Many herbs can nourish the hair and help hair growth such as: He Shou Wu, Nu Zhen Zi, Han Lian Cao, Shuan Ye, Dang Gui, Shu Di Huang, etc Herbal tea is made from the herbs and taken orally. I also make herbal tincture for topical application, especially for use with the seven star needle. The above treatment promotes scalp blood circulation. It not only helps hair growth but may also prevent graying of hair. New hair growth can be seen after two to three months of treatment.

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    Acupuncture Points For Hair Growth

    Many number of pressure points are identified on the human body. Surprisingly, many of them are extremely helpful for hair growth. If you want to get optimized results from this technique, it is vital for you to find these pressure points properly. If you can hit the spot, you are already on your way to a healthy life. Ill first tell you about different Acupuncture for hair loss and also let you know how you can perform acupuncture for hair loss on yourself.

    What Does An Acupuncture Hair Treatment Involve

    The first visit with a professional acupuncture therapist is just like a normal visit with your general physician. It will involve a short physical examination and a detailed medical history in order to provide the treatment that is necessary and right for you. The acupuncturist may also prescribe some herbs or topical ointments for the scalp that you may need to take alongside the treatment. The intensity of the needles that would be pricked onto your skin will depend on the ailments that you are facing. You may experience some hesitation at having needles poked into your body and scalp at first, but this method is definitely worth a try.

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    The Initial Causes Does Acupuncture Help With Hair Loss

    The main cause of hair loss is stress. While most of us shed about 50 to 100 strands of hair daily, we also continue to grow new ones at the same rate. This shedding is normal, and its perfectly natural to replace lost hair with new ones. However, if youre losing hair that is excessively slow or isnt growing back, youre experiencing hair fall. There are many possible causes for this condition, but theres no one single solution.

    Tinea capitis, also known as scalp ringworm, is a fungal infection that affects the scalp. Symptoms include bald spots and patches of hair loss. Infection may be caused by fungus, and scaly, red patches may develop. In severe cases, sores may develop on the scalp and oozing pus may be present. Treatment with a prescription may be necessary, but the long-term results of taking these medications are not always permanent.

    In some cases, temporary hair loss may be the result of a hormonal imbalance. While some women experience hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations, others may experience permanent loss of hair. These changes can be caused by hormones in the body, such as those produced by the thyroid or by the adrenal glands. In severe cases, the loss of hair is caused by medical conditions. Inflammatory diseases can cause an excess of androgen, a male hormone. High levels of vitamin A in the blood and in the body can also result in hair thinning.

    Best Acupuncture Clinic Near Me

    How to Use Acupuncture to Treat Hair Loss

    Owing to the demand for the treatment, there are numerous clinics popping up and it is sometimes skeptical to choose the best or even the safe one. To address such concerns, you can look into the following points to choose the best acupuncture clinic for hair loss. Acupuncture is also offered in hospital pain clinics and by healthcare organizations but it is ideal to visit the best Acupuncture Clinic for hair loss. If you are not sure, it would be a good idea to contact your local doctor to see if they would be prepared to refer you to the best rated acupuncture clinics. For example in cases where a patient specifically requests acupuncture for hair loss, or where it is felt that acupuncture would complement conventional treatment. In some cases acupuncture is offered in top rated acupuncture clinics near me because conventional treatment has failed or produces unacceptable side effects. Most of the best acupuncture clinics for hair loss will spell out very clearly

    • what type of acupuncture they practice
    • how much they charge
    • how professional they are – at present anyone can set themselves up as an acupuncturist but reputable practitioners will belong to an organization
    • whether the premises are hygienic and smart
    • what other therapies they offer

    So while you are filtering the best clinics for acupuncture that treats hair loss, you can look out for the above factors.We have been rewarded a 5-star rating from Google & Practo. You can also check the reviews there.

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    Acupuncture For Hair Loss Treatment

    Acupuncture is an alternative medical therapy. Popularized thousands of years ago in China, acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and ills, from back pain to headaches.

    In traditional acupuncture, your health depends on a good qi, an energy-giving life force that flows through your body. When your qi is blocked, you may become sick. Acupuncture helps restore a healthy energy flow by releasing those roadblocks. During an acupuncture session, a practitioner stimulates specific points on your body with very fine needles. These spots correspond to the symptoms youre trying to treat.

    Acupuncture sometimes gets credit as a treatment for a wide variety of ills some warranted, some not. Research does back up acupuncture proponents claims in a few treatment areas, specifically relieving low-back pain and neck pain.

    In other areas, such as hair loss, the research is less conclusive. Still, theres some evidence to suggest acupuncture might be useful for at least one type of hair loss.

    What Is The Mechanism Of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a traditional therapy that supports the thought of energetics within the body and it is considered to be the permanent treatment to cure hair loss, sometimes it could help by avoiding surgeries as well.

    • Treatment consists of inserting needles at various pressure points on the body and through the skin. Needles aren’t meant to cause pain, harm or discomfort
    • A professional acupuncturist would target energy or acupuncture points for treatment. These also are termed as meridians, with some being of special benefit to painful nerves and muscles within the body, by providing the best remedy for hair loss

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    How To Diagnose Hair Loss Or Alopecia:

    A doctor may be able to diagnose the type alopecia simply by looking at the extent of your hair loss and by examining a few hair samples under a microscope.

    • Your doctor might also perform a scalp biopsy to rule out other conditions that cause hair loss, including fungal infections like tinea capitis. During a scalp biopsy, your doctor will remove a small piece of skin on your scalp for analysis
    • Blood tests might be done if other autoimmune conditions are suspected. The specific blood test performed depends on the particular disorder the doctor suspects. However, a doctor will likely test for the presence of one or more abnormal antibodies. If these antibodies are found in your blood, it usually means that you have an autoimmune disorder.
    • Other blood tests that can help rule out other conditions include the following:
      • C-reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate
      • Iron levels
      • Follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormone

    Other Benefits Of Acupuncture

    Does Acupuncture Stimulate Hair Growth?

    Acupuncture is a natural and proven form of treatment for various disorders and disorders. As expected, acupuncture has a wide range of benefits.

    2.1 Gastrointestinal Balance

    Although recent research is warranted, it has been shown that acupuncture treats several digestive problems and promotes gastrointestinal motility.

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    Treating Hair Loss The Tcm Way

    Apart from the tips listed above, TCM treatments can also be used to fight hair loss.

    Diet plays an important role and we can use TCM food therapy to help manage the condition. Consume blood nourishing foods like red dates and longan, as well as kidney nourishing foods like black sesame, black beans and black fungus.

    You can also try our specially formulated hair tonic, which comprises of natural TCM herbs like Zingiber officinale to combat scalp itchiness and Fallopia multiflora to revitalise hair follicles and promote growth. Get yours at any PULSE TCM Clinic!

    For individuals with chronic or more severe hair loss, you can try out acupuncture and herbal medication as well. Regular acupuncture improves Qi and blood circulation to the scalp, while herbal medication helps to address imbalances in an individuals body constitution, speeding up the hair growth process.

    Note: Information provided is not a substitute for a physician or any form of medical care. Individual symptoms differ due to different body constitutions and diagnosis. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

    How Does The Process Works

    During an acupuncture session, a qualified practitioner will insert tiny, sterling needles in your scalp to trigger specific points, leading to increased blood flow. Bear in mind that increased blood circulation in your scalp encourages hair growth.

    Generally, the practitioner assesses different internal organs health and performs an in-depth health assessment to determine organs associated with hair loss. For instance, if any of your internal organs are out of balance, they may affect your hair.

    The acupuncturists main goal is to restore balance and stimulate hair growth. Experts recommend undergoing at least ten sessions to see accurate results. The treatment sessions include specific acupuncture points, especially along your hairline, which helps stimulate hair growth.

    Unlike other treatment options, acupuncture for hair loss has higher success rates ranging between 85% and 95%. The cost of treatment varies from clinic to clinic and the number of sessions. The average cost of an initial health assessment session is between $90 and $125. Follow-up sessions cost an average of $45 to $80 per session.

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