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Does Keranique Cause Hair Loss

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Browse Keraniques web page to learn more about hair loss and how to fight back.

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Does Keranique Work To Promote Hair Regrowth 0

The phrase Get Keranique com may have already been used by sales people to you, especially now that you are obviously suffering from baldness and hair thinning. However, before you jump into purchasing the product, you could consider getting detailed Keranique reviews. The product may have been known for solving hair thinning, but it does not necessarily mean that it really works. To help you discover the veracity of the products claims, here is its careful assessment.

What Is Keranique?

According to Keranique reviews, the product comes from a company that also introduced Hydroxatone, that is, Atlantic Coast Media. This solution is a thinning hair remedy that claims to stop hair loss from continuing. As described, the product is a powerful remedy that makes use of FDA-approved Minoxidil at two percent amount. Aside from the backing of the regulatory board, the formula of the product has been introduced as a clinically-proven solution.

The Keranique reviews added that the product will not simply put a halt to womens hair loss, but it will also strengthen ones scalps follicles. As a result, you would have thicker and fuller hair from the root to the tip. Nonetheless, it was clarified that it should not be used when pregnant.

What Are Its Other Claims?

Since its release, the product became one of the most talked-about topics in blogs, television, and news outlets. Expectedly, the hair loss solution will also be introduced by other trusted media outlets.

Other Hair Growth Treatments

Whether you go with Keranique or another brand, minoxidil is definitely an effective hair loss treatment for women of all ages, with a track record of safety when used properly,

There are more options on the market besides minoxidil, though, and many of these carry their own promising results. Many can be used in tandem with minoxidil.

One such treatment is vitamin and biotin supplements. Vitamins A and D and biotin have been shown in some research to prevent hair loss and encourage hair regrowth.

You can get many of these from our Biotin Gummy Multivitamins, by the way.

For men, finasteride is a safe and effective oral medication for hair loss, but women may experience serious risks of sexual dysfunction, certain cancers and risks for pregnant women to the healthy development of a fetus.

Proper hair care might also be a place where you can make changes certain shampoo ingredients that might help fight hormones that cause hair loss, as might the natural herbal remedy saw palmetto.

And if youre not prepared to go the medical route or your hair loss is significant, options like wigs, transplants and extensions may help depending on your circumstances. Typically, these are only recommended after other options have failed.

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A Suffering Bank Balance

Ok, so this mightnt exactly count as a physical side effect of using Keranique. But its definitely an off-shoot of buying into the companys membership scheme because it might end up costing you more than you expect!

In fact, most customer reviews about the products themselves are quite positive. But they do complain about Keraniques marketing strategy and its auto-renew policy, which you have to agree to when you buy from and which people feel is a bit of a scam.

So to avoid this bad side effect of Keranique, simply be informed about where to buy it.

LA Says: Always read the small print. Or avoid buying into any Keranique free trial offers in the first place. The same goes for cheap offers from Walmart, or online. They probably dont contain the real deal, anyway.

Wanna give your head a hug?

Using Keranique Serum For Hair Loss Treatment Faqs

Keranique Review 2019

The use of certain topical products is an effective treatment for this condition. However, it is important that the products are clinically tested, approved, and are nothing short of premium quality. One of the best options in the market is Keranique Serum.

We will answer some of the questions revolving around the use of this product and hope that you make informed decisions based on the facts shared here.

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Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray

The active ingredient in this formulation is biotin, so while it should be effective, it seems a bit unnecessary in our opinion for consumers to purchase all four products since the shampoo already contains biotin.

This spray also contains keratin.

This product contains the best formulation in our opinion, since there are harmful ingredients and several ingredients which are effective for hair quality improvements.

We would recommend this product for women seeking a styling spray product, since it should be effective and safe.

What Keranique Reviews Dont Tell You

Ever heard of Keranique? Or read any Keranique reviews?

Well, its one of the most popular hair regrowth products out there. And thanks to its active ingredient, 2% minoxidil, its also pretty effective.

But not all Keranique reviews are positive. Some customer reviews say that the topical hair treatment is downright dangerous. Others claim its a money-grabbing scam, a shark tank preying on vulnerable customers in need of a hair loss fix.

Trust me, I know what its like to be desperate for a miracle cure. And I also know that its easy to get sucked in by gimmicky before and after pics in an attempt to battle baldness.

So in this post, I give you the full story on Keranique. A lowdown on the brand, its line of hair loss treatments and customer reactions. So youll be fully informed before you commit. Yay!

LA Says: The following Keranique reviews include the good, the bad and the ugly you know, the stuff that other reviews probably skip. So lets get started!

Emmaâs ânot a doctorâ disclaimer

Hi there, Im an alopecian, Im not a doctor! Any advice I give is based on my own research and personal experiences. This site is however reader-supported. When you buy through external links, I may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more here.

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Effective Treatment #: Minoxidil

What is it? Minoxidil is a topical, over-the-counter treatment that is most effective for hair regrowth along the top of your head and crown.

Does it work? Minoxidil must be consistently applied, twice a day every day! in order to work. It can take 4-6 months of regular application before you see results. If you stop using it, however, any new hair will fall out and hair loss will start again.

What do the experts say? A 120-week, placebo-controlled trial of minoxidil solution, published by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found a statistically significant increase in hair count and improved hair loss condition in the minoxidil group. Short story: Minoxidil is clinically proven to help regrow hair by up to 35%.

What are the side effects? Although this drug is generally safe, like any medication, it can be associated with rare but serious side effects. You can read more about minoxidils side effects here. Contact your doctor if you experience signs of serious allergic reaction, dizziness, or difficulty breathing while taking these medications.

Minoxidil And Facial Aging Risks

Is Keranique hair growth vitamins working for me? #alopecia

While medical research has established minoxidil to be effective for hair loss and relatively free of concerning side effects from a health perspective, theres a potential side effect most consumers arent aware of in regards to skin aging.

Collagen is the core structural protein in our skin responsible for much of its appearance. Young children naturally have much higher collagen levels in skin than older adults, which primarly explains the difference in facial skin appearance.

Minoxidil has been shown in medical research to inhibit collagen production. This is probably one reason it can be effective for hair loss, because pattern baldness stems in part from increased local collagen production.

But since collagen is responsible for youthful skin, reducing its levels may accelerate skin aging.

This hasnt been conclusively proven, but its definitely possible based on the science we have available. Perhaps women seriously concerned about hair loss could minimize this risk by taking oral collagen supplements along with minoxidil, so that the supplementation could theoretically replenish collagen lost from the hair loss treatment.

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Shedding Strands Faster Than You’d Like Here’s What Really Helps And What To Skip

Its normal to lose up to 150 hairs a day. But by age 60, about 80 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have a measurable amount of hair loss, says Shilpi Khetarpal, M.D., a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

The cause is usually genetic: male- and female-pattern hair loss. In men, hormones called androgens cause strands to fall out too early. In women, the action isnt as clear, though androgens may play a role for some.

Thyroid problems, stress, trauma, autoimmune disease, and nutrient deficiency can also cause hair loss.

Should you try one of the over-the counter or prescription products touted to help? Heres the lowdown.

Keratin Made My Hair Fall Out A Cautionary Tale

My hair horror all started with a lone PR email that floated its way into my inbox.

“Would you like to get a free keratin treatment?”

It was a slow Thursday afternoon at work, and I stared at my email. As the editor of a site for young women, I receive my fair share of beauty pitch emails from publicists shucking their wares, hoping to lure editors in with the promise of free goods or services. Usually, I’m pretty immune — but this one from a New York hair salon had piqued my interest.

All I really knew about keratin was that it was really expensive and it was supposed to make your hair shiny. Scientifically, keratin, which has a popular brand version called the Brazilian Blowout, is a protein found naturally in your hair. When mixed with formaldehyde and applied to the hair with a flat iron, the protein seals itself into your hair, smoothing cracks and damage to the follicle and giving your locks a long-lasting silkening effect. Obviously, the formaldehyde part of the process is controversial, as the substance is hazardous and potentially carcinogenic.

I had always struggled with frizzy hair, especially when I lived in Miami, the most humid place on earth . I looked back at the email. I contemplated sending an intern to do the assignment, but this was the chance to get the sleek hair I’d always dreamed of, with the $300 price tag totally waived.

I was so in.

Once I got there and got settled, the stylist handed me a surgical mask to put on, and I kind of panicked.

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Does It Really Work

Minoxidil has been clinically tested and proven to increase hair regrowth. Nioxin claims its products reduce hair fall due to breakage by up to 91 percent. The company also says that 85 percent of customers who have tried the Nioxin System Kits noticed a thickening effect in their hair.

According to Yadav, the active ingredient in Nioxin, minoxidil can stop hair loss in about half of men and women who use it for androgenic alopecia.

Minoxidils efficacy is best for people with male or female pattern hair loss, Yadav says. If you have a receding hairline or sparse hair at the front of your scalp, this product may not be as helpful.

She says its most effective if used before age 40, explaining that treating androgenic alopecia as early as possible can often be essential to achieving results.

As long as youre a good candidate for this treatment, starting minoxidil ASAP can be helpful.

Keranique Reviews: What Do Customers Think

Keranique Reviews

The majority of Keraniques customers are pleased with the hair regrowth results. They are less impressed with the brands customer service.

Out of 35 customer reviews on Better Business Bureau, Keranique has 1.8 stars out of 5. When we dive into the reviews, we find that the vast majority of them focus on poor customer support and unclear billing.

One customer wrote, This company is a scam. After I tried to cancel the subscription and returned the product, they billed by debit card again and sent more. Each time, I had to pay for the return postage. They are more interested in taking your money!!!

Customers report similar experiences on Trustpilot, where Keranique received 1.6/5 stars out of 57 reviews. One person complained, I unsubscribed by calling their customer service. But though I canceled my subscription, they continued to send me their products and charged my card!!! Last customer support I was trying to explain the situation to just hang up!

Another commented,Horrible product. When I washed my hair it turned into a birds nest! It took everything to get the conditioner through it.

When it comes down to the effectiveness of Keraniques products, long-term Keranique customers couldnt be more pleased. On their website, the Deluxe System has 4.8/ 5 stars.

A 5-star reviewer shared, I been using keranique hair products for 2 months and I have seen improvement on my bald spot on my scalp I totally recommend using keranique hair products

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Serious Side Effects Of Minoxidil

Minoxidil can cause severe or long-term side effects. Its rare, but your skin can absorb minoxidil. Stop using minoxidil if you experience any of the following side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing when lying down
  • Swelling in hands or feet
  • Unusual weight gain
  • Unwanted body or facial hair growth

As a vasodilator, minoxidil causes an increase in blood supply, which can also increase your heart rate. Healthcare providers may advise people with pre-existing heart conditions against using products containing minoxidil because it can increase heart rate and cause chest pains, signaling heart failure. If you have heart problems, consult your healthcare provider before using minoxidil.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Keranique Hair Regrowth System

Keranique is a brand that comes under Atlantic Coast Brands, an organization offering scientifically tested beauty products.

Their website claims that it has many iconic beauty brands under it, which has served over 2 million clients with their clinically researched products.

They claim to have a unique approach of making beauty solutions available across different mediums to increase its accessibility. The Keranique brand offers transformative solutions that promote the growth, strength, and beauty of womens hair.

Keranique® Hair Regrowth System Review Health Web Magazine Images

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