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Does Too Much Caffeine Cause Hair Loss

Frequent Urination And Urgency

Coffee may cause Hairloss

Increased urination is a common side effect of high caffeine intake due to the compounds stimulatory effects on the bladder.

You may have noticed that you need to urinate frequently when you drink more coffee or tea than usual.

Most research looking at the compounds effects on urinary frequency has focused on older people and those with overactive bladders or incontinence .

In one study, 12 young to middle-aged people with overactive bladders who consumed 2 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight daily experienced significant increases in urinary frequency and urgency .

For someone weighing 150 pounds , this would equate to about 300 mg of caffeine per day.

In addition, high intake may increase the likelihood of developing incontinence in people with healthy bladders.

One large study looked at the effects of high caffeine intake on incontinence in more than 65,000 women without incontinence.

Those who consumed more than 450 mg daily had a significantly increased risk of incontinence, compared to those who consumed less than 150 mg per day .

If you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages and feel that your urination is more frequent or urgent than it should be, it may be a good idea to cut back on your intake to see if your symptoms improve.

Summary: High caffeine

What Does Caffeine Do To Hair

Caffeine is a bitter substance that occurs naturally in more than 60 plants, including coffee beans and tea leaves. It is a powerful stimulant and this translates to hair as well.

In a paper published in the British Journal of Dermatology, researchers concluded that caffeine had surprising benefits for hair follicles. Both men and women showed positive results when caffeine was used topically, but women showed more pronounced effects than men.

Caffeine has hair growth stimulating properties on different levels

Foods That Can Cause Hair Loss

We are what we eat, and this also applies to our hair. Just like a poor diet can cause problems with various organs through the body, it can do the same to our hair follicles.

While hair loss has a significant genetic component, this is true for most health conditions. For example, heart disease is one of the most easily preventable conditions. At the same time, it also tends to run in families. Nobody would use this as an excuse to not look after their heart in the form of proper diet and exercise.

With that out of the way, lets look at some of the most common, widely available foods that could be compromising your precious follicles.


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Is Caffeine Causing My Hair Loss

I drink a lot of coffee, is that why Im losing my hair? This is a question we see a lot. Too much caffeine is not good for you for a lot of different reasons, but hair loss isnt one of them.

Caffeine is a naturally occurring chemical stimulant. Caffeine is found in beverages we drink on a daily basis such as tea and coffee and is also found in a variety of different fizzy drinks and energy drinks. A number of different studies show the effects of caffeine and hair loss, and theyre positive. Caffeine does not contribute to hair loss or baldness.

Stay Hydrated: Fight Dehydration And Hair Loss

Natural Hair Secrets: Caffeine as Hair Loss Remedy

The root of hair loss is often treatable. In some cases, by improving diet, hair care techniques, or reducing stress, thinning hair is reversible. But did you know that dehydration also can cause hair loss? Hair loss from dehydration is one of the easiest hair loss causes to fix. Read on to find out how hair loss and dehydration are related, and tips for how to stay hydrated.

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The Relationship Between Thyroid Problems Estrogen And Hair Loss

Interestingly, estrogen dominance can lead to the symptoms of thyroid problems, one of which is hair loss!

What happens is that the liver creates too much thyroid binding globulin when estrogen levels are high.

TBG binds the thyroid hormones in the blood, meaning that they cant be absorbed as needed by the cells in the body that use them to support the bodys metabolism.

The difficulty is that standard blood tests for thyroid conditions dont show up the problem.

The AMOUNT of thyroid hormone in the blood is just as it should be but the hormone is being bound by the TBG.

The result is that the symptoms of thyroid problems start to appear.

TBG can, however, be detected with a blood test, so its important to bear this in mind and ask to be tested if you feel this may be the problem youre experiencing.

What Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors from stress to genes. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss. Male pattern baldness is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone , which is a by-product of testosterone.

Our hair follicles are sensitive to DHT and if they are exposed to the hormone for a long period of time the follicles can begin to shrink and eventually the hair follicles will stop producing hair. This can cause male pattern baldness.

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Benefits To Drinking Coffee

studies have shown that daily coffee drinkers have numerous health benefits.Like, mortality reducing, protection from type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons, andliver cancer.

  • Have a lower risk of suicide
  • May reduce fatty liver.

Most people just drink coffee because it gives them caffeine and caffeine is good to be more focused. Others do it to stay awake throughout the day but this really depends on the person themselves.

We know that some people must drink coffee every day to keep going otherwise they get too tired.

Caffeine And Hair Loss: 3 Ways To Use It For Thicker Hair Growth

Coffee Caused My Hairloss Or Balding

Caffeine is almost everywhere these days. From coffees and sports drinks to countless health care products. Men are also increasingly using it to treat their pattern hair loss. Does science support this trend?

This article will explore the science and scrutinize the link between caffeine and hair growth. After reading, you will know how and why to use caffeine to your advantage. This will allow you to achieve thicker, stronger hair.


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Which Is Better: Drinking Or Applying Caffeine Topically

I know we want coffee, but we dont NEED copious amounts of it. Unfortunately, constantly consuming coffee will not give you luscious long, healthy hair in record timing . Too much caffeine can cause various problems. But dont worry, this is only if it is overconsumed, you can still drink your morning coffee, but for best hair results we recommend applying caffeine hair products topically.

Hair Loss And Glycemic Loads

Chronically elevated blood sugar also damages the blood vessels. This is important to our hair because hair follicles are small-scale organs in their own right. This makes them fully dependent on an adequate supply of blood to receive all the necessary nutrients. Without this, problems can develop, including hair loss.

Also, insulin is found in hair follicles. It is possible that it plays a role in the regulation of androgen metabolism, including DHT.

Tellingly, scientists have now established a strong link between male pattern baldness and the risk of heart disease . This data suggests that men with baldness might be damaging their hearts through poor lifestyle choices, of which the most important ones are dietary.

The data also shows that on average, men with pattern baldness tend to weigh more, have larger waists, higher BMIs, and have higher fasting blood sugar levels. All this suggests a possible link between pattern baldness and insulin resistance .

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Does Caffeine Shampoo Work For Hair Loss

In short, no. There is not enough clinically viable evidence to support caffeine shampoo alone as an effective hair loss treatment. But thats not to say it has no use when it comes to maintaining and supporting hair growth.

There are studies that support the claim that caffeine shampoos can thicken hair, like this one from 2012 on the role of caffeine in the management of androgenetic alopecia, and another from 2010 on the use of caffeine for the same condition, and there is some evidence to suggest that topical caffeine can be helpful in reducing dihydrotestosterone the hormone which causes male pattern baldness.

Its worth noting that these studies are largely lab-based and would need more reviewing in a larger controlled clinical trial conducted with actual patients.

The good news is, however, that caffeine shampoo has been found to cause no harm and can help improve the health of the scalp, which in turn supports healthy hair growth when paired with a clinically proven treatment.

A Word On Delayed Allergic Reactions

Can Coffee Cause Hair Loss? (What You Need To Know ...

What if youre avoiding all of the foods mentioned above, but are still suffering from hair loss?

First and foremost, its important to remember that diet is only one part of the equation. We will discuss other factors below.

Second, you may not actually be avoiding all foods which could be contributing to your hair loss. The most important rule is to avoid foods that could be triggering chronic or delayed allergic reactions .

When you think of an allergic reaction, you likely think of hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the tongue, lips or throat. This is known as an anaphylactic reaction.

There are other types of allergic reactions, though. Another important type is a so-called delayed allergic reaction.

As the name suggests, a delayed allergic reaction doesnt happen suddenly. Instead, it takes place over the course of one to three days. The symptoms will be milder and, due to their delayed nature, more difficult to pin down to one food.

If your body is constantly being exposed to allergy-causing foods it will never get a chance to heal. This can lead to chronic inflammation.

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What About That Third Latte

We saw earlier the prohibitive amounts of coffee drinks necessary to achieve therapeutic levels in the follicles.

A good question is if there are any hair benefits whatsoever to moderate consumption of coffee. For example two or three cups a day.

The answer is no. Moderate or even heavy consumption of coffee has no effect on hair growth, be it positive or negative. This means hair should not factor into how much coffee you decide to consume.

But Ive Heard Caffeine Can Cause Hair Loss

So caffeine is fab in reasonable quantities, but you dont want to go overboard! You CAN have too much of a good thing. Consuming too much caffeine can actually negatively affect your hair growth cycle by slowing it down. As well as this, overconsuming vitamins and antioxidants could cause health problems further down the line. So remember girls, EVERYTHING in moderation .

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Medications That Cause Hair Loss

Medications can induce hair loss because they interfere with the growth cycle.

The two types of hair loss caused by medication are telogen effluvium and anagen effluvium.

Medications used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, high blood pressure, and more may result in hair loss.

Specifically, the most common medications known to cause hair loss are some blood thinners, blood pressure drugs . In addition, the following may cause hair loss, methotrexate , lithium , NSAIDs , and some antidepressants.

If youre noticing hair loss from these medications, let your doctor know so he can make changes to your medication.

Caffeine Hair Loss Study


The Caffeine Hair Loss Study focuses on the role of caffeine in reducing the probability of Androgenetic Alopecia which results in patterned hair loss. According to the FDA approved list of medications, only Minoxidil and Finasteride are used for the treatment of AGA.

Recent research works have shown the need to go beyond the scope of these two drugs for improving the efficiency of AGA treatment. The European Dermatology Forum suggested the usage of Caffeine along with Minoxidil to effectively heal the symptoms of AGA.

The penetration rates of caffeine on AGA receptors has been proved to be effective. Besides enhancing the growth of hair follicles on the scalp, caffeine is also known to increase the hair shaft density and length.

Practical experiments with AGA patients have also indicated the positive effects of caffeine on reversing AGA.

The British Journal of Dermatology has been publishing many papers in support of caffeine being responsible for the reversal of AGA. It is stated to be mainly due to the protection of hair follicles from the attack of APOPTOSIS and NECROSIS.

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Managing Other Peoples Reactions

Today, cancer is much more talked about than it was in the past. People are more aware of the effects of cancer treatment on hair. It is more openly discussed and accepted. But sometimes family and friends may be upset by your hair loss and find it hard not to show it. This can be difficult for you to deal with. Try to remember it is usually because they are concerned for you and may not know how to react.

Your Hair Products Are Causing Hair Loss

Does your hair look thinner than it once was? Have you noticed more hair fall than usual? There are many different reasons for hair loss, so it can be difficult to determine the real problem. Continue reading to learn more about hair loss causes.

Anyone can experience hair loss on any part of the body. Hair loss causes include heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Men experience hair loss more commonly than women, and their hair loss is mostly found on their scalp.

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Tips For Limiting Your Caffeine Consumption

If you have any signs or symptoms of too much caffeine, you dont have to quit cold turkey. But reducing your intake to the recommended daily serving or less can help. These tips can help you curb your caffeine consumption:

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How Much Caffeine Is Too Much

Does Drinking Coffee Cause Hair Loss?

4 Minute Read

Caffeine is the go-to ingredient for many people to get a natural boost of energy. For some, coffee is a normal way to start the day or get through an afternoon slump.

If caffeine is a daily habit for you, youre not alone. An estimated 80% of adults consume caffeine every day, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .

Sometimes people can go overboard when it comes to how much caffeine they consume. Even though caffeine is natural, that doesnt mean its entirely safe. Heres what you need to know to consume caffeine safely.

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