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What’s The Best Hair Product For Thin Hair

Products That Are Compatible With Your Hair Color

Best Types Of Hair Products For Thin Hair | Mens Hair Tips | feat. EveryMan

Mesen also stresses finding products that will be compatible with your hair color in order to avoid it looking dull, chalky, or gray. “Blonde and light colored hair does well with most standard dry products , while brunette or red hair may require a colored powder or at least very translucent.”

  • Can you use styling products on fine hair?

    Fine hair can benefit from the right styling products, but youll likely want to use less than someone with a thicker texture. Celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak says to avoid applying anything to your roots except for root-volume spray and to focus any other product on your ends first. Additionally, start with a small amount of product, as you can add to it if you need more, but theres not much you can do if you already applied too much.

Krastase Bain Force Architecte Shampoo

  • Price: $$

This shampoo is designed to keep your hair looking and feeling strong and healthy. It contains a patented Vita-Ciment Complex thats designed to transform brittle, breakable hair into strong, thick locks.

The company says the shampoo rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair fibers, and it promises to deliver smoother, shinier, softer hair as well as prevent breakage and split ends.

The key ingredients include keratin and ceramides, which smooth and condition the hair.

While this shampoo has a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars with mostly positive reviews, some customers note it dried out or weighed down their hair.

Bosley Professional Strength Bosrenew Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub

A clean, exfoliated scalp is the key to not only maintaining a healthy scalp but also to adding fullness and body to fine, limp strands or thinning hair. This scalp scrub removes buildup, detoxifies, and invigorates the scalpthanks to its natural ingredients and citrus-rosemary-tea tree essential oil blend. Bamboo charcoal absorbs excess oil, sugar crystals naturally remove dead skin cells, and caffeine energizes the scalp to give extreme volume prior to blow drying, says Colleen Camp, Bosley Professional Strength global director of education.

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Redken Wax Blast Hairspray

This is another regular feature in my styling routine, I have been using this little beaut for more than ten years now, and I cant see me giving it up any time soon either. No, its not the strongest holding spray wax, but I really like it. I love the buildable nature of it its great for adding texture to your hair, doesnt leave it looking greasy, and it smells like youve just stepped out of the salon.

Styling Tips: Its a buildable product, so it will give you as much or as little hold/texture as you want. I tend to layer it up, leave it to settle and then come back to it and reassess. Ill always use this when creating my fauxhawk!

A Verb Volume Spray That Uses Polymer Seed Extract Patented Copolymer Quinoa Protein And Soy Protein To Deliver Strength And Volume For A Commercial

The Best Straight Hair Products of 2018

Promising review: “This is the best volumizing spray I’ve ever used. I use this all over my roots but especially in my wet bangs before I blow dry out a nasty cowlick. It gives me some hold and control but is not sticky. It is not a spray gel. It’s hard to describe. It goes on like water, feels like water and smells like water. But it works like MAGIC. I have use this for a few years and it is the best.” MMF

Get it from Amazon for $18.

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Volis Professional: Reverse Activator

If you look in the mirror and the first thing that crosses your mind is “if I could turn back time every time you run a comb through your hair, then Évolis may be for you. The brands Reverse Activator is loaded with active ingredients and promises thicker, fuller, stronger hair with twice daily use. That means not just another way to disguise thinning hair, but actually re-grow hair. A proprietary blend of natural actives and antioxidants accelerates hair growth and decreases hair fall seriously. Its also formulated with keratin and wheat protein to strengthen the hair you’re currently working with.$102.85 at MyÈ

Womens Rogaine 5% Unscented Minoxidil Foam

  • Price: $$$$

Rogaine is an FDA approved treatment for hair loss that contains minoxidil. It generally contains a stronger percentage than other OTC brands, and its one of the most popular and well-known for good reason.

As a 2019 study explained, Rogaine works by increasing hair growth and reducing hair loss, making it great for female and male pattern baldness. It can also be used for alopecia and eyebrow density.

The brand offers a satisfaction guarantee policy, which means youll get a full refund if you use the product daily for 130 days and arent satisfied with the results. For best results, its recommended to use Rogaine for at least 3 to 6 months to see results.

When it comes to reviews, a majority of reviewers note that their hair grew in spots where their scalp was visible before. On the other hand, a few 1-star reviews have to do with allergic reactions, scalp sensitivity, no changes, or even increased hair loss.

Its important to note that minoxidil may cause initial shedding, but this effect will likely decrease with use.

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The 7 Best Shampoos For Fine Hair Of 2021

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Perusing through the hair care isles of mega retailers like Target and Walmart can feel like an overwhelming process since there are a seemingly infinite number of fine hair shampoos to choose from. Thats why learning how to discern product labels is helpful when selecting a volumizing shampoo for fine hair.

According to hairstylist Timothy Aylward, shopping for thickening products by ingredient can be a bit tricky due to constantly evolving guidance from the scientific community. And to the average consumer, these ingredients might as well be written in another language. Instead, Aylward advised Shopping readers to look out for fine hair shampoos with labels that say clarifying, detoxifying and deep cleansing. The most important thing about your shampoo is that its going to remove all of the natural oils and dead skin cells and give each strand a fighting chance, he said.

Mizani Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre

  • Price: $

Mizani Wonder Crown is a foaming treatment to use on dry hair before you shampoo. With ingredients, like tea tree oil, peppermint oil, honey, and salicylic acid, this oil-based treatment cleanses and moisturizes the scalp in one go without stripping.

One key ingredient is cannabis sativa seed oil, which acts as a moisturizer for the hair and scalp and protects against breakage.

Its especially great for an oily scalp, but it also works for dryness. Its free of parabens and silicones.

The versatile formula works well for straight, curly, wavy, and coily hair, as well as hair thats fine, medium, or thick.

One rave review notes that the foam really gets the buildup out of there! It was also called a must for styling oily hair. The product has no single star reviews, but some 2 star reviews note that the product left their hair dry or wasnt gentle enough for their needs.

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How We Test Products For Fine Flat Hair

Our team works hard to be transparent about why we recommend certain products you can read more about our product review methodology here

Meet the Expert

Michelle Pasterski Mesen is a Houston-based hairstylist who specializes in dry cutting and razor cutting.

According to our Diversity Pledge, 15% of products in our newly-published market roundups will feature Black-owned and/or Black-founded brands. At the time of publishing, we were not able to find any products for flat, fine hair from a Black-owned and/or Black-founded business. If you know of one we should consider, please email us at and we will evaluate the product ASAP.

Very Thin Hair In The Front

  • Short Hair with Messy Waves

Curling or creating beach waves in short hair perfectly hides hair thinning. Waves mimic volume, and hair looks thicker naturally. This is why afro-hair looks thicker. You may also cut your hair short and create waves with the heating tong to mimic a fuller head.

  • Messy Top Knot

Top knots and messy buns always help in hiding hair thinning. Turn your hair upside down and crush it while blow-drying. This will create volume above the crown and temples. Now tie your hair up in a messy knot with a few strands out. Set the knot with hair spray and use hair accessories to glam it up.

  • Sun-Kissed Textured Lob

Layers and bob make a deadly combo, and sun-kissed dye is cherry on top. If you have a shoulder-length bob-cut hairstyle that does not excite you, dye your bob in warm brown tones. This will enhance hair volume up to a great extent.

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What About The Best Styling Products For Fine Or Thinning Mens Hair

Well, this is a lot more specific, the products above are great for aiding hairstyles, but for main styling products, results vary a lot from person to person. Like I mentioned above, if youre battling fine or thinning hair to help it look fuller, you should aim for a lightweight matte finish. From my experience, here are some great products to help you get the most out of styling your fine hair.

Hairmax Ultima 12 Laser Comb

The Best Shampoos For Thin Hair

While certainly more expensive than a volume-boosting spray or hair loss vitamin, your next-level treatment option comes in the form of laser combs or laser caps. These products for thinning hair emit low-level laser therapy to stimulate the regrowth of hair by allowing hair follicles to re-enter the growth stage in the hair cycle, says Dr. Husain. The treatment takes about eight minutes and should be completed at least three times a week for optimal results.

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Baxter Of California Clay Pomade

Baxter of Californias Clay Pomade is a premium strong hold, no shine product that offers a number of trendy styling options. Made with natural ingredients like beeswax and kaolin clay that provide lift and texture for men who have fine hair, its one of the best pomades on the market.

This pomade for thin hair also offers a matte finish that gives the appearance of additional volume, allowing you to style a variety of textured hairstyles. Its ideal for natural, messy looks, so if youre styling a quiff, comb over, brush back, spiky hair, or fringe that requires some volumizing effect, this product is an excellent choice. Though it feels incredibly thick when first removed from the container, it quickly becomes pliable and easy to use.

Further, the pomade has an incredibly good scent. With an earthy smell that is reminiscent of black licorice to many guys, its light and dissipates quickly so it isnt overpowering. You can use a little for a light to medium hold, or you can use more to create styles with height, such as the pompadour.

However, if you only want a pomade with a light hold and soft finish, we highly recommend you try the companys Cream Pomade. Highly-rated and cheaper, the rich styling cream will thicken your thinning hair for the perfect finish.

Ultimately, Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a great product for all hair types. If youre looking for a world-class styling tool, invest in a jar and get just about any hairstyle you want.

Kms Addvolume Volumizing Spray

Adding a thickening product like KMS ADDVOLUME range to your haircare routine will help transform your thin hair by adding texture, while remaining lightweight as to not compromise the ability to style. Apply on towel-dried hair to add volume and fullness with the buildable formula.

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About My Hair: Long And Generally Normal

My hair falls to my mid-back, and while its pretty normal in everything from my scalp to its thickness, I do wish I had more volume, especially when I wear a ponytail or braids.

In general, though, I avoid most styling products because I dont like how they make my hair feel. My one exception to that is actually another Living Proof product, the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment. Other than that, I wash my hair a few times a week using either the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner or my custom formula from Prose.

The Full Thickening Cream needs to be applied to damp hair, so I used it after showering and towel-drying my hair.

R+co Dallas Thickening Shampoo

Best Products For Fine To Thinning Hair | Men’s Hair

Hairstylist Bobby Eliot is a fan of the Dallas thickening shampoo and conditioner from R+Co because they are both made with biotin, a popular hair care ingredient known for helping to improve the keratin infrastructure of hair and increase hair strength and vitality. It also features a blend of hydrating vitamin B5 and coconut oil, the latter of which is helpful for strengthening and adding shine to the hair. Palmetto berry extract also adds body to the strands, creating a thicker effect. The brand notes this shampoo smells like a mix of warm cardamom, freshpineapple and tangerine with earthy scents like lavender and bamboo.

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Best Products For Thin Hair

Transform your locks

hether you have always had or developed thinner hair, there are a whole host of products designed to breathe new life back into your locks.

Growing up with thin hair, I marvelled at my sisters thick and luscious mane. Yes, my tresses could dry in a matter of minutes but any form of styling was a pipe dream no matter how much time I devoted to curling tongs, rollers or invested in cans of hairspray. After hours in the salon, it would return to its poker straight natural state before you could even say effortless beach waves, flatter and limper than before I started. I played around with extensions hoping that they would add some element of thickness but they only did more harm than good, putting extra strain on the follicles on which they were attached.

Id given up, assuming there was nothing I can do about the thinness I was born with but I was wrong. The market is filled with serums, creams, supplements, shampoos and conditioners that work in tandem or alone to restore your hair to its best condition, encourage growth and leave it looking shiny, smooth, voluminous and thick.

Thin hair may be genetic but it can also be caused by stress, diet, weight loss, smoking, alcohol and other medical reasons like a certain medications, hormones or a disease that you can have no control over. But you can create thickness with the right products.


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