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How To Stop Thinning Hair Male

Best Overall Product To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss Causes for Men: How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally & Thicken Thinning Hair

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When To See A Doctor

See your doctor if you dont see any progress with the use of home or over-the-counter treatments for thinning hair, especially if your hair loss is causing you stress or disrupting your daily life.

Seek medical help as soon as possible if you notice any of the following along with thinning hair:

  • losing large amounts of hair elsewhere on your body
  • losing hair in large patches or chunks
  • losing or gaining an abnormal amount of weight without any major diet or lifestyle changes
  • unusual symptoms like fever, chills, or fatigue

Dont Forget To Take Vitamins:

Vitamin A is the most beneficial for healthy hair because it helps to work with the fat synthesis against hair loss. Leafy greens, eggs, and carrots are the food rich in Vitamin A that you must eat daily.

Vitamin B12 acts the leading role in creating red blood cells while Vitamin E promotes healthy circulation, which utterly gives more oxygen for your body and hairs! The more the oxygen, the healthier the hairs. There are some prominent minerals for hair growth and thickness which include iron, calcium, copper, zinc, and magnesium. These minerals exist in the many vegetables which can be your regular supplement food.

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What Causes Thinning Hair Or Hair Loss

The reason that some men experience hair loss as they get older while others do not all comes down to a matter of genetics.

A spike in dihydrotestosterone or DHT can result in hair loss/thinning on the head but not the face.

This is precisely why you see so many guys who are bald with glorious beards. The more sensitive you are to DHT, the more likely you will be to lose your hair.

Your genetics ultimately determine whether or not you are likely to experience significant hair loss as you get older.

  • Catagen
  • Telogen

The anagen hair growth phase lasts around three and a half years, and a persons hair can grow anywhere from 18 to 30 inches. This phase is typically longer in Asian people, and it can last up to seven years. A vast majority of your hair is grown during this phase.

The catagen phase only lasts a couple of weeks and is important because it renews hair follicles.

Telogen: This phase occurs when hair follicles are not active. It can last up to a couple of months. When it ends, the anagen phase begins to grow new hair. Your old hair comes out as part of the natural shredding process, so its nothing to be concerned about.

Effective Ways To Stop Hair Loss In Men

20 Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair for Men

Hair loss is one of the common problems in men. There could be many causes of hair loss that include diet, mineral deficiency, medications, stress, pollution, and genetics.

Below is the list of effective solutions to help reduce or prevent hair loss:

  • Treat dietary deficiencies: Low levels of iron, vitamins such as B complex, and proteins in the diet and vitamin D deficiency may lead to the weakening of hair. This must be identified and treated on time.
  • Telogen effluvium: This is a temporary condition seen in both men and women. Severe hair loss is seen after a period of extreme emotional stress or illness. This type of hair fall is usually reversible.
  • Reduce alcoholic beverages: Reducing alcohol intake can be beneficial for hair growth.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking cigarettes reduces the amount of blood that flows to the scalp, and this causes a reduction in hair growth.
  • Diet: Regularly taking a balanced diet rich in proteins, fiber, and fruits will help strengthen the hair.
  • Medication: Rogaine is an FDA-approved medicine for local application to reduce the male patterned baldness. However, hair loss may reverse once the application is stopped. Another medication that works on male pattern hair loss is orally taking Propecia .
  • Avoid brushing wet hair: Hair may be weak when it is wet. It is therefore recommended to avoid brushing wet hair. Brushing hair too frequently can injure hair and increase hair loss. Using fingers to undo tangles is known to be a better alternative.
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    Can Thinning Hair Be Restored With Essential Oils

    Essential oils are no longer reserved for hippies and your alternative cousin. They’ve seen a recent spike in popularity, with people worldwide seeking alternative treatments for various conditions. And this includes thinning hair and male baldness.

    Essential oils are gently massaged into the scalp for several minutes. The mixture should be kept on the scalp for as long as possible before shampooing for best results.

    Some of the essential oils frequently used for hair loss treatment include:

    • Rosemary
    • Peppermint

    Before applying the oil to your scalp, dilute it with a carrier oil and do a patch test to check that you’re not allergic. You can do this by putting a small drop on your skin, waiting 24 hours, and monitoring for any adverse reactions.

    The Future Of Thinning Hair

    Hair-loss science marches on somewhat slowly, considering that todays most effective treatments, finasteride, and minoxidil, were approved in the late 90s and scientists have pointed up a new class of drugs that might be effective against male pattern hair loss in the future.

    In 2019 research conducted at Columbia University, scientists found that a type of drug known as a JAK inhibitor might also inhibit and reverse hair loss . JAK inhibitors are usually used to soothe rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory condition. In this trial, researchers gave it to 22 men and women with androgenic alopecia, and 73% of them saw increased hair growth. The theory here is that hair follicles may miniaturize and die because of inflammation, and JAK inhibitors might quell that inflammation, pushing the follicle from resting phase back into the active anagen phase.

    Whether these drugs will make hair loss a thing of the past remains to be seen. The good news is that you can likely make it a distant memory today, with one or a combination of current effective treatments.

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    How Long Will It Take For My Hair To Grow Back

    Although no immediate effect may be seen after your first month of taking finasteride, it is highly recommended that you stick with it for a few months as long as you suffer no adverse reactions.

    It can take at least three months to slow down hair loss, six months to grow new hair, and as long as 12 months to verify whether the treatment is effective for you.

    Even though the struggle to stop hair loss may be a long battle, the good news is that more than 90% of those taking finasteride reported seeing desirable results . While the effectiveness of finasteride often depends on the length of time it is taken, the available evidence suggests that two thirds of men who use it see some hair regrowth.

    If you stop taking finasteride, it is likely that any hair you gained will be lost within 9-12 months.

    Is The Topical Combination Just As Good

    How To Treat Thinning Hair | Thinning Hair For Men | Carl Thompson

    Hims offers a topical finasteride and minoxidil combination. Its a great choice if youre determined to include finasteride in your treatment plan, but you have reservations about potential side effects. Unfortunately, topical finasteride wont work quite as well as oral finasteride. Its also more expensive to compound in topical form, and it costs more for consumers as a result.

    The good news is that studies show an increase in effectiveness for the topical finasteride and minoxidil combination over simple minoxidil. So, if you want to spend the extra money to work with a topical formulation of finasteride, it will certainly have its benefits.

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    How To Slow Down Hair Loss

    There are multiple ways that you can slow down hair loss, and it is important that you are aware of your options. Not all of these methods will work for everyone, so it can be a matter of trial and error.

    The sooner you start trying out some of these options, the easier it will be to keep your hair for as long as possible.

    Take a Close Look at Your Diet

    Believe it or not, the food that you eat can have a major impact on how quickly you lose your hair.

    It is important that you get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids on a regular basis. Certain fishes like salmon and mackerel are loaded with these healthy fatty acids.

    They can help slow down your hair loss significantly. Just make sure that you are eating a balanced diet on a daily basis. Eating healthy only once in a while wont do much good for your hair or the rest of your body.

    Speak with Your Doctor

    Sometimes hair loss is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body, in which case your doctor might be able to help. If you have noticed hair loss recently, you should go to see your doctor in the near future. This could provide you with a very effective solution for slowing down or even stopping your hair loss altogether.

    Certain diseases and conditions can also cause hair loss, which is why it is so important that you do this. Its important to manage your expectations, because there is also a chance that there is nothing your doctor can do to really help.

    Take Vitamin Supplements

    Keep Your Immune System Strong

    Top Tip

    What Causes Hair Loss

    Now, here’s the thing, male pattern baldness is caused by your sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone and it’s totally determined by your genetics. A boost in DHT will help with the growth of your beard, but it’ll also hinder your ability to keep your hair. This is why you see a lot of guys who are losing their hair, but have great beards.

    So, almost every man goes through hair loss or male pattern baldness. Off the top of my head, I think 50% of men will see MPB by their 40’s and 67% of men will see it by their 60’s. When and the degree it affects you is up to your genetics. While your mother’s father will play a role into your hair loss, it’s not a 100% indicator. Ultimately, if a bunch of people in your family are bald, chances are it’ll happen to you, too.

    I’d like for you to think of your hair loss like any other genetic factor – such as your height, eye color, or skin color. There are things you can do to work with it, but at the root of the issue, you’ll have to love the person looking back at you in the mirror. IE, you’re going to have to be cool with balding because that’s part of what makes you, you!

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    Are There Potential Side Effects

    Minoxidil users report few side effects, and when they do, those reports usually include scalp irritation and mild discomfort. Most men find that the solution form of minoxidil is more likely to cause adverse reactions than the foam, and the foam is a bit easier to apply. Thats one of the reasons we like Keeps, as they have the best deal on the foam form of minoxidil. If you notice severe discomfort, you should speak with a physician.

    You need to wash your hands thoroughly after applying minoxidil to your scalp and wait several hours before touching your application area or going to bed after applying it. Until its completely dry, minoxidil can spread and absorb in places where it may cause unwanted hair to grow.

    As minoxidil works, it can shift the growth phases of your follicles, causing some of them to prematurely shed their current, weakened strands and begin growing thicker, stronger ones. This process usually kicks in several weeks into treatment, and at the outset, you may experience a heightened degree of shedding. This additional hair loss is actually a sign that the minoxidil is working. Dont stop your minoxidil routine if you experience this side effect, as it is temporary, and a phase of healthy growth will soon follow.

    Be Mindful Of Hairdryers And Straighteners

    Tips to stop hair thinning

    Excessive heat is not good for your hair. It can make hair brittle and lead to hair loss. If you cannot do without a hairdryer, consider buying one with a no-heat option. It is much safer than dryers that use a lot of heat to dry hair.

    The same goes for hair straighteners. If you are keen on using them, be very judicious with how often you use heat to straighten hair. Straighteners use a lot of heat and are better avoided. Consider natural straightening options instead.

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    Men Hair Loss Solution : Sage Extract

    Sage – known as the “Miracle Herb” – contains natural oils like camphor, linalool, bornyl acetate, and Borneo – which stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair roots.

    Sage also contains Vitamin K, which increases blood circulation on your scalp and improves your hair follicles’ oxygen delivery, thus promoting hair growth and rejuvenating dry or thinning hair.

    It’s high in beta-sitosterol, which is useful in treating male pattern baldness and is a powerful antioxidant .

    On top of this, Sage is also an anti-inflammatory and is excellent for treating dermatitis and dry scalp.

    Follow A Hair Care Routine

    Routines are awesome because they keep us disciplined. Once you have a haircare ritual, taking care of your hair and scalp health becomes much easier. Haircare routines can be as simple or complex as you want. A simple routine of oiling, washing, and conditioning is enough. If you want to take extra steps, consider adding serums, hair masks, and other hair products. However, it is not the number of items in your hair care routine that matters the most. How disciplined you are with your routine makes the most difference.

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    Where Is The Hair Loss

    If you are noticing a receding hairline or loss specifically in the crown area, these can be signs of balding. A more random pattern or evenly spread loss of hair is usually an indicator of hair thinning.

    If your hair seems to be falling out in patches, you could have alopecia, a condition that causes a person to lose patches of hair. Consult a doctor if you think this to be the case.


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