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How To Thin Out Hair

Top 10 Natural Treatments For Thinning Hair

How to thin out your hair with shears or a razor

By Annie Price, CHHC

Men and women of all ages yearn for thicker, fuller hair, especially when thinning hair becomes a visibly noticeable problem. Thankfully, there are natural treatments for thinning hair like balancing hormones, reducing stress, eating a proper diet and more.

The average adult head has about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs and loses around 50 to 100 hairs each day. That may sound like a lot, but its actually completely normal. You might think that losing so many hairs would make your hair look thinner, but thats only if the normal process of new hair growth isnt up to speed. As long as hair regrowth and hair loss are in proper balance, hair thinning isnt a problem, but for a lot of people hair loss is a daily concern. Aside from the less than ideal appearance of thinning hair, there is the greater fear that the thinning will turn into permanent hair loss and baldness.

How To Thin Out Hair Without Thinning Shears

With many people still unable to or hesitant about visiting hair salons because of a particular respiratory virus that may be floating in the air, getting your hair done at home is becoming more and more popular. This presents its own set of issues, however, namely a lack of know-how and of specialized equipment.

Here were always trying to provide you with as much know-how as possible but if you dont have some hairstyling tools at home youll also need to learn how to work without them. A common question in that regard is how to thin out hair without thinning shears and whether you can even do it?

Well, you most certainly can thin out your hair without thinning scissors, and here are our tips for how to go about it.

A Use The Necessary Tools And Products

1. Straightening Treatments Work Like A Charm

If you are all about taking the simpler route, go for a straightening treatment. If done correctly, it adds layers to your hair while reducing your hair volume. You may also go for less permanent hair treatment such as keratin treatment, which allows you to retain your hair texture while making your hair look thinner.

2. A Good Old-Fashioned Haircut

It is a good idea to use thinning shears to maintain your hairs inherent shape as well as volume. You can go for a haircut if you only wish to thin out your hair a bit. A layered haircut is the best way to reduce the volume of your hair.

3. Go Blunt To Get Rid Of Thinner Hair

To get rid of thinner ends for good, cut your hair blunt. A blunt cut get rids of dead, dry, and split ends.

4. Experiment With Products To Find The Right Fit

  • Try your hand at various hair straighteners, shampoos, serums, and conditioners to understand how to control hair volume. Pick products that boost hair growth and ensure your tresses remain healthy.

5. Go The DIY Route And Get Expert-Approved Thinning Shears

Thinning shears are not your regular pair of scissors. These have a blade on one side and a comb-like blade on the other. Here are the available options for your reference:

  • Texturizing hair thinning scissors
  • Chunking hair thinning scissors

6. Upgrade Your Hair-Styling Routine

7. Opt For Sulfate-Free Shampoos

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How To Thin Out A Wig: Things To Prepare

If you decide to thin your covering head, you need thinning shears or pair of tweezers. Make sure that you are not using the regular scissors or you will mess your wig. The fine teeth on thinning shears only trim hair to create a realistic look. Besides, you need some necessary things such as hair clips, brush, etc.

Tip #3 Add A Hair Treatment To Your Routine

How to THIN OUT your own Hair? âï¸?

If your thick hair tends to feel rough, incorporate a hair treatment, like the LOréal Paris Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Hair Treatment, to your weekly hair care routine. Rough hair can look frizzy and poofy, so keep your thick hair nourished with this fast-working hair treatment. Its formula includes wheat proteins that help retain moisture in the hair, making it less prone to dryness. It will leave your strands silkier, shinier, and healthier-looking in just eight seconds. Use two to three times a week on wet hair after shampooing, massaging for eight seconds before rinsing thoroughly. Long hair goals? Try the LOréal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths 8 Second Wonder Water Lamellar Rinse Out, to transform long hair in rapid speed..

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What Are Thinning Shears

Thinning shears look exactly like a pair of scissors, but with a key difference they have comb-like teeth on one side with tiny grooves that are spaced out evenly. This side helps you delineate the portion of your hair that needs to be textured. You wont have to alternate between the shears and a comb, which will help speed up the process while making it much more seamless to use on yourself.

The purpose of thinning shears is primarily to remove excess weight from your hair. Texturizing scissors will probably get the job done better if you want to create volume or add movement to a hairstyle. For a tool like thinning shears, its easy to snip the right amount of hair from the ends, allowing you to soften, blend, and cut down on bulk till the results are exactly how you imagined.

How To Thin Out A Wig By Yourself

Now getting started.

Determine where you want to thin. Put the wig on and look at yourself in the mirror. Determine where you want to thin the hair and make a mental note of how you want the wig to appear. This helps guide your work as you begin.

Create a part you want to work on. Create a part in your hairpiece to isolate the area of the wig you want to work on. Put the front tooth of the comb or precision tip against your scalp and then move the comb from front to back to part the hair. Place a clip-on hair you are not focused on to secure it while you work.

Prepare to remove. Hold a section of hair between your fingers and then squeeze the thinning shears on that section. Use the shears as close to the root as possible to capture full strands. Continue to hold the section of hair and put the shears down.

Remove the excess hair. Comb through the section of hair you hold in your hands to remove the excess hair. The comb captures a small amount of hair set free by the thinning shears.

Do the same process and keeping plucking. Repeat Steps 2-4 until all the sections of your hairpiece you want to thin have been completed. Comb through your hair a final time and style as necessary.

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Why Should You Thin Out Your Wig

When it comes to wigs, more hair is better. After all, the customer can always trim away hair, but they cant add on hair.

Unfortunately, too much hair can cause that stereotypical wiggy look that unnatural.

In the same way, thick hair doesnt suit all faces, dense wigs arent for everyone and can be difficult to style, which is why many women choose to thin out their tresses for a more natural-looking wig.

When To See A Doctor

How to Thin Out Thick Hair – TheSalonGuy

See your doctor if you dont see any progress with the use of home or over-the-counter treatments for thinning hair, especially if your hair loss is causing you stress or disrupting your daily life.

Seek medical help as soon as possible if you notice any of the following along with thinning hair:

  • losing large amounts of hair elsewhere on your body
  • losing hair in large patches or chunks
  • losing or gaining an abnormal amount of weight without any major diet or lifestyle changes
  • unusual symptoms like fever, chills, or fatigue

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Shampoo And Dry Your Hair

It is important to make sure that your hair is clean and dry before you start thinning it. It doesnt matter whether you blow it dry or let it air dry. The best thing to do is to follow your normal hair care routine so that your hair looks the way it does on a regular basis.

This is significant because you dont want to overdo it when you are thinning your hair. Dont add any styling products before you start thinning because they may prevent you from thinning it properly. Just make sure that you shampoo and dry it, and youll be ready to start.

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Create A Part You Want To Work On

Create a part of your hairpiece to separate the area of the wig that you want to work on. Put the front tooth of the comb or the precision tip on your scalp, then move the comb from the front to the back of your head to part the hair. As mentioned above, you should use hair clips to secure the sections when you work.

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First Gather Up All Of Your Hair On 1 Side Of Your Head Starting At Your Hairline

How To Do Hair Plaits Styles. If youre the queen of braided styles weve gathered more than a dozen for you to send to your stylist to try next. See more ideas about natural hair styles braided hairstyles hair styles. Pull out a 1 to 2 in 25 to 51 cm wide section of hair from the area that is just behind your ear.

Check out this blog post. Consider applying hair oil if your hair is frizzy. Divide the hair into two sections ie.

Gather a small chunk of hair right next to the side part and your hairline. Keep waking up with zero time to style your long hairFed up of bedhead hair days and want to shake things up in a fun playful way. Divide the chunk into.

Then you definitely need to try out one of these stylish time-saving easy braids for long hair. The side part should be above one of your eyebrows. Not to mention they are perfect for keeping your hair neat and away from your face.

For a thin head-band style braid gather. Most plaits are pretty enough to fit almost any occasion and vary from simple to statement. At the nape of your neck divide your hair into a left section middle.

This shows you a guide to plaiting girls hairWatch This and Other Related films here. Upper half and the lower half. If youre looking for ways to style your box braids aside from wearing them down in all their glory a scrunchie is always a good idea.

Doing a Small Side Braid 1.

Ghana Braids African Hair Braiding Pictures Ghana Braids Hairstyles African Braids Hairstyles

Pin On My Black Hair Styles

What Common Mistakes Should I Be Aware Of Before Thinning Out My Hair

How to Thin Out Thick hair

You have to be aware of having your hair chemically treated to thin it out. Though it is useful, it may cause severe damage to your hair. Also, some have their haircut too short, which does not suit their hair type. You have to remember that the method you employ for thinning must appropriately match your hair type and texture to achieve the best results.

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What Are The Best Tips For Thinning Out Thick Hair

The best tips for thinning out thick hair include actually reducing the bulkiness of hair through cutting techniques, creating the appearance of thinner hair using styling techniques, and smoothing out the texture of the hair with styling products. Special cutting tools and techniques can reduce the volume of hair in different ways and may work for some people. For others, styling techniques that can be used with certain haircuts provide a good option for thinning out thick hair. If cutting or styling changes are not an option, hair can also be thinned out by using products that change the texture of the hair.

Some stylists use a special tool called thinning shears to thin out thick hair. These special scissors literally make the hair thinner by cutting a certain amount of hair much shorter than the rest. Spaces in the blades of the shears automatically cut some hairs while skipping others, allowing the hair to become thinner without the different lengths being noticeable in the hairstyle. This technique usually works best with straight hair or hair that has a smoother texture because coarse or curly hair may actually become frizzier when some strands are cut much shorter than the others.

Trying A New Hairstyle

  • 1Part hair into two sections. Section your hair as if you were doing a half-ponytail or half-bun. Pin the top section out of your way. Then grab a handful from the middle of the bottom section, making sure there is still a bit of hair underneath.XResearch source
  • 2Create two braids. Take the âhandfulâ that youâve chosen and divide it into two sections, side-by side. Braid the first section and secure it with a small rubber band. Then braid the second section.XResearch source
  • 3Secure the braids to your head. Now twist the braids around one another against your scalp. Aim to create a smooth circle of braids right against the back of your head. Then secure this braid circle with bobby pins.XResearch source
  • 4Let your hair down. Release the top section of your hair that you moved out of the way, and style your hair normally. Your hair should appear noticeably thinner without needing any special products or cutting any hair!XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    How Thinning Hair Occurs In Women Vs Men

    A healthy scalp has around 80 percent of its hair follicles in the growing stage while the other 20 percent is in the resting stage. Hair thinning and loss occur when that vital growing state either slows down considerably or stops.

    What causes hair to thin out for women? Just like our bodies change with age, most women notice some hair thinning as they get older. This is quite natural. Its said that by the age of 50, half of women will complain of hair loss. If a womans thinning hair is related to female-patterned hair loss, then the thinning is believed to be 90 percent genetic and 10 percent hormonal. Youll probably be surprised to learn that female-pattern baldness affects about 30 million American women. You cant change your genetics, but thankfully, you can work on the hormonal aspect .

    Thinning hair in women typically occurs slowly all over the entire scalp without a recession of the hair line . If a woman has female-pattern hair loss, it can lead to extreme hair thinning but rarely leads to baldness.

    What about thinning hair in men? For men, hair thinning can start as early as puberty and progress for many years to come after that. The thinning usually begins above the temples and travels around the perimeter and top of the head. Ultimately, this can result in a ring of hair often referred to as a horseshoe remaining along the bottom of the scalp. For a lot of men, hair thinning continues until there is no hair left resulting in a completely bald scalp.


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