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What Is The Best Hair Wax For Thin Hair

Rule #: Use A Blow Dryer

Best Products For Fine To Thinning Hair | Men’s Hair

You ARENT blow-drying your hair? You should be. You should always style your hair from wet to dry, especially with fine hair, Matty says. Why?

Ok, lets talk science. Inside each hair shaft are carbon bonds that give the hair shape. These bonds break down in two waysthey get wet, or they get hot. If the hair is cool and dry in a flat shape, its hard to build volume, no matter what products you use. The only way to achieve the volume you want is to get it wet and get it hot.

Heres what to do:

  • Start with wet hair and apply your choice of product , then blow-dry completely.
  • Set the blow dryer to medium heat and high air flow to get the most movement in the hair.
  • You can use a brush, but you can also use your hands.

The SECRET to creating volume? Go back and forth over the direction the hair falls and lift the hair away from the scalp to create volume. Keep in mind you only want to create volume at the front on topyou dont want to create volume EVERYWHERE, Matty says. Make sure you refine the shape a little bit.

Best Hair Products For Men: Hair Gel

Hair gel is probably best remembered as the product that makes your locks look crispy and crunchy. Thats because most old-school gels featured alcohol as a main ingredient. This sucked moisture from hair the rest of the ingredients held it in place and made spiked or slicked back locks seem less like hairstyles and more like evolutionary defense mechanisms. Today, however, the best mens hair gels are lighter in weight, contain less alcohol, and provide stability and shine to hair without making it shell-like. Theyre ideal for coarse or curly hair as well as for taming cow-licks and smoothing down strays.

Redken Brews Thickening Pomade For Men

The Redken Brews Clay Pomade is the best hair product for thin hair. Why? Its the kaolin clay in the formula that deserves all the accolades.

It leaves a rough, gritty texture on your hair, making it look thicker and volumized. The product is also great for more oily hair.

Its also the best hair gel for men if youre looking for something that has a strong hold. But you should know when this product says strong holdit means strong hold.

Unlike gels or waxes, the Redken Brews Clay Pomade doesnt give you the flexibility to change your hairstyle.

This clay pomade can take on a sticky texture after some time, which has not impressed a lot of users.

We should also warn you that since the formulation chiefly contains kaolin clay, it can absorb a lot of the hairs natural oil.

A good thing if youve got an oily scalp. But if youve got naturally dry hair, this clay pomade can make things worse. So proceed with caution.

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Things To Consider In The Best Hair Wax

To give you the best results and be worth your money, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best hair wax. Here are the top three:


A hair wax should never make strands crispy or stiff after application. After you create a hairstyle, a quality hair wax leaves hair soft, pliable, and natural-feeling. In fact, you should have the ability to remold and even comb through your hair anytime after the wax has set. A quality hair wax allows hair to preserve its natural texture and movement, all while holding your desired style in place.


Although most hair waxes are relatively thick styling products, they should feel natural and light in your hair. Some hair waxes such as spray waxes are heavier than others, but even gel and paste waxes can provide a lightweight hold that wont leave hair feeling weighed down. Lighter waxes provide the ability to create spikes, tousled looks, and other funky hairstyles.

Lasting hold

A hair waxs hold is another important factor to consider as it largely determines the products quality level. With high-quality hair waxes, a small amount of product has the ability to distribute evenly through hair and provide a hold that lasts throughout the day. Some hair waxes deliver a strong hold, while some waxes are formulated for lighter, more natural holds. Regardless of the hold level, a hair wax should keep a hairstyle secure for at least 8 to 12 hours.

Best Premium Hairspray For Fine Hair: Nioxin Niospray Hairspray

Remove Retouch Pen Eyebrow and Facial Wax Pen

Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

  • Strong Hold
  • 6 Oz.

This uniquely crafted formula was designed specifically for thin and fine hair. That means its lightweight while also offering a strong hold. It thickens your locks while also lifting your roots. It stands up to heat and humidity without using overly harsh ingredients. Its a great all-purpose hairspray for anyone with fine or thinning hair.

Volume & Texture

The ProThick technology binds to each strand to increase the density of your hair. This creates a naturally full look thats finished with a subtle gloss to create a multi-dimensional style. Its a great spray for adding texture to your layers or giving a boost of volume that you can comb through without flattening.

Style & Hold

The strong yet flexible hold provided by this formula makes it a great finishing hairspray. Itll keep your looks in place all day long, even on humid, hot, or windy days. More importantly, it will do that without excessive drying, flaking, or residue.

For all these benefits, Nioxin does not come cheap. If youre using this as your daily hairspray, the cost can add up. However, since its a gentle enough formula that you can safely cut back on shampooing, the extra cost of the hairspray might balance out with the money saved on using less shampoo.

However, for something a little more budget-friendly, you might prefer BOOST It spray from LOreal.



Why we like it:

Editors Rating:

  • Strong Hold
  • 6 Oz.

Volume & Texture

Style & Hold



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Best Hair Wax For Thick Hair

Thick hair can have a mind of its own. If you want to take control of your hair, check out this made in Japan hair wax.

Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge This is the hardest wax in the Gatsby Moving Rubber series and the strongest. The pink can works best for short hair up to about 3 long but can tame and style the thickest, coarsest hair into any look you want. Created in Japan, this wax is also excellent for Asian hair and spiky anime hairstyles. Check out this video to see how to use this product to create all kinds of cool textured styles.

Tigi Bed Hard Head Hairspray

Dont want your hair to budge all day/night? This is the one for you! Its been around forever and does exactly what it says on the tin! One of the best styling products for short fine hair, its perfect for those wild nights out or just those days where the wind is persistent.

Styling Tips: Dont spray too close to your hair it could end up looking a bit gluey. Its quite a wet spray, so wait for it to dry between layers, or else your hair could get too heavy and just collapse, losing all the volume and texture that youve slaved over. Also, bear in mind that this spray isnt re-workable, so make sure youre really happy with the style and positioning before using this to fix it into place!

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The Best Dry Shampoo For Thinning Hair

If you arent acquainted with dry shampoo already, then consider this your introduction. Its a volumizing miracle workerit absorbs excess oil at the root and frees the hair to stand up instead of going limp and lifeless. You should use it between shampoo days . Despite the name dry shampoo, it prevents overdrying, which is a common issue with liquid wash. Of all your picks, Oribes goes the extra mile to preserve hairs natural luster, giving thinning hair some added definition and life.

Rule #: Use The Right Products

How to Apply Hair Wax for Men with Thin, Fine and Thick Hair

The correct hair products can offer the volume and fullness youre looking for, but the wrong ones can weigh it down, so choose wisely.

  • Thickening Tonics: Salt-based thickening tonics can make your hair feel thicker, but can also make it feel dry. Thats why Matty recommends PRIMER from Victory Barber & Brand, a sea salt-based thickening tonic that has conditioning elements to keep moisture in the hair and keep the scalp from drying out.
  • Pomades & Creams: Looking for texture and hold? Avoid water-based products like pomades or oil-based creams. These will make the hair look shiny or greasy, which wont look good on fine hair. Instead, use a matte finishing product like Victory Barber & Brand SUPER DRY. The oil-free matte texturizing paste works really well in fine hair because it doesnt clump the hair together , but still provides all-day weightless hold.

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Dove Men+care Hair Styling Controlling Gel

If youre looking to create sleek, sharply-defined hairstyles, then this pomade is your go-to option. Although it just offers a light hold, its still worth it for thinning hair.

The shine it adds to your mane is brilliant. And the best part is that this Dove Men+ Care product doesnt leave your hair greasy at all.

How To Pick The Best Hair Wax To Buy

Rather than just picking up the first nice-looking tub of hair wax that you spot in the shop or online, think about your answers to these questions before progressing to the buying phase. Itll help you know exactly what youre looking for.

What sort of style do you want?

Before pulling the trigger on a purchase, consider what sort of hair style youre planning to craft: will it be spikey or slick, wet look or dry? Also, do you want hair wax with a subtle feel or a classic crunchy texture? All of those options are valid, and our top picks will make it clear which hair wax is the best for each different sort of style.

How much versatility do you need?

Do you need a firm hold that will keep your look on lockdown all day long, or are you looking for a re-mouldable wax that can you rework during the day? If you want to swap from smart style to scuffed up cool on the way out of work, youll want to choose a suitable wax for the job.

Should you consider a subscription service?

Lots of retailers, including Amazon, have cottoned on to the fact that hair wax isnt a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. If you know youll want a fresh delivery of the same hair wax every month, keep your eyes peeled for products with subscription options. Opting for this sort of purchase will save you the effort of remembering to buy a new tub of wax every time your supply runs dry.

How much should you spend on hair wax?

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The Best Paste For Thinning Hair

Another great dry-shampoo hybrid styler is R+Cos texturizing paste. Its less gritty than Quicksand, making it more ideal for after a shampoo. Paste, in general, gives your hair touchable and reworkable definition and hold, meaning you can wear the hair pushed back at work, then muss it up for happy hour. Its light enough too, so it wont weigh everything down while adding texture and density.

Our Choice For The Best Mens Hair Wax For Thick Hair

Wax For Thick Hair

Now that you have an idea of what products to look for, the next step would be to look for the best mens hair wax for thick hair. From what we have gathered, we believe that Lure Responsibly Water-Based Pomade is a good product to try because it is a combination of water and natural beeswax. It doesnt leave a greasy feel to your hair plus it doesnt leave your hair too hard after all. You can use it on all hair types too which is a plus.

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Most Trusted Hair Pomades To Improve Your Style Game

We have tested all of these pomades. They are all amazing.

After you try one of these, we guarantee you will not go back to your old styling product.

First impressions are everything! Order today and start getting noticed.

Best Shiny Hair Wax

Vogarte Aqua Wax Most wax products have a no or low shine but this is an unorthodox product. This is a great alternative to hair gel with ultra strong hold plus shine that washes out easily. The fragrance reminds some of the classic after shave Aqua Velva.

Easiest to Use Hair Wax

American Crew Liquid Wax Another better-than-gel product, this liquid wax never gets hard, feels sticky, and wont dry out hair. The medium hold, medium shine formulas holds up all day long as well as in heat and humidity. See how easy it is to use:

Best Cheap Hair Wax

krieger + söhne Styling Wax Name in German for warriors and K+S is made in America. This pliable hold, natural shine wax can be for most hair types, styles, and lengths. Use less product for a softer hold or more for full strength. This is one of the cheaper hair waxes for men but it holds its own with more expensive options and offers a money back guarantee.

Smooth Viking Styling Clay

If youre searching for the best pomade for thin hair to add some serious volume, clay-based products like Smooth Viking Styling Clay are your solution. This one is perfectly shine-free, provides strong hold that will hold up whether youre on a date, at the gym, or even out on the field, and adds a great deal of texture that instantly makes your hair look and feel much thicker.

The main ingredient is bentonite clay, which provides the amazing volume. However, Smooth Vikings Styling Clay also makes use of beeswax, lanolin wax, and various essential oils that condition and leave a soft, subtle, and masculine scent. While the scent fades over time, your hairstyle lasts all day.

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Clay Or Wax: Hair Types

  • Clay: Soft and dry.

Clays are suitable for all hair types. They will boost fine and limp hair and add definition to thick hair.

  • Wax: Hard and oily.

If your hair is fine or thinning, use a pre-styling treatment before using a wax. This will prep the hair and ensure that the scalp cannot be seen.

If your hair is thick, wax will need to be layered into the hair, to allow for even distribution.



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