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How To Make Long Thin Hair Look Thicker

Add A Root Lifter To Your Daily Routine

haircut for thin hair to look THICKER

Dry shampoo is your new best friend. Seriously though, A quick spritz of this magical stuff will transform limp or lacklustre locks, and wed be hard pressed to think of a better quick fix for thin hair. See, dry shampoo adheres to each, individual strand of your hair, which helps to space them out and creates the illusion of extra volume in what? Like, 20 seconds?

You can also apply dry shampoo direct to wet hair, which amplifies the effect even more and we have to admit that weve resorted to spraying our freshly washed hair on more than one occasion. Its a quick and easy way to amp up your mane and there really arent any downsides as long as youre careful to apply it evenly, and you wash it out at the end of the day.

Were living in the golden age of dry shampoo too, which means theres no shortage of top-notch products to choose from. Were a big fan of EIMIs Volume Dry Me and Nioxins Instant Fullness Dry Shampoo is another great choice if youre looking to seriously up your hair game.

Ofc there are some great root boosting products out there as well, and itd be pretty shady of us to send you shopping for dry shampoo without first drawing your attention to products like Tigis Queen For a Day Thickening Spray, or Redkens Thickening Lotion #06. These nifty little miracles work in much the same way as a dry shampoo coating each, individual hair fiber so that they stand apart, and create the appearance of extra volume.

Spray Products Into Your Hands First To Add Extra Texture

If want some piecey-ness and your hair is very fine, put product in your hand first, says Townsend. Try a texturizing spray like Sally Hershberger 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous dry shampoo, $32. Spray it into the palm of your hand, dab fingers in it, and work it into your strands to add distinct texture. For added moisture, Atkin recommends the Ouai finishing cream, $24, which is like lotion for your hair, so applying a dime size amount all over helps tame any fly-aways.

Choose The Right Products For Fine Hair

Choosing the right shampoo for you is vital here. Look for thickening shampoo products that have volumising properties, as they will have the effect of expanding the diameter of each hair shaft, making your hair thicker. Dont buy products that have moisturising, silkening or smoothing in the benefits blurb. These usually contain silicones and oils, whilst great in many circumstances they tend to weigh thin hair down, causing the reverse effect of the one you want.

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Give Thin Hair Body With Lose Curls

7. Add a light wave. I always take large sections of hair and quickly wrap them around the outside of a large curling iron. I then brush out the curls to give my hair a nice wave which makes my hair appear fuller than it actually it. Hot Tools has an amazing and affordable curling iron that uses ceramic nano technology to keeps your hair healthy while still being able to hold your curls. This curling iron is perfect for those of us with thin, fine hair. When curling with thin fine hair you always want to use a heat protectant spray first . Then make sure youre using a low heat setting around 350 degrees, and use larger sections of hair.

I completely understand the struggles of having thing fine hair and hope these tips help make your hair looks beautiful and voluminous!

Hair Breaks Easiest When Its Wet

10 Tricks To Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

2. Be very gentle with your hair when it is wet. Thin hair is very delicate naturally, but add water to it and it becomes even more fragile. When any hair type encounters water it becomes stretchy. When we yank a brush through wet tangled hair all we are doing is stretching and breaking our hair. A great tip to avoid this is to spray the hair with a light leave-in conditioner . Do not brush the hair! Take your blow dryer and lightly dry your hair from root to ends and gently run your fingers through it. The hair untangles as it drys and you are not ripping your hair with a brush. When it is about 80% dry section off and style with a professional round brush designed to reduce frizz.

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Keep Your Hair Healthy

Finally, its worth remembering that healthy, happy hair *always* looks a little bit fuller, and a whole lot more glossy than unhealthy or lacklustre locks. Celebs with thin hair tend to be super careful about keeping their locks nourished and wed definitely recommend that you follow suit. Particularly if your hair is thin and fine, or just very prone to slicking itself down flat to your scalp.

Sure, its a bit of extra work, but trust us theres no better way to make the most of the hair youve already got, and taking a little time to keep your mane looking super-snatched will also help to amplify the effects of the other tricks weve mentioned here.

Nourishing your hair doesnt have to be a super difficult either just grab a couple of good hair masks, make sure youre using a nice, nutritious shampoo and start protecting your hair from the heat. Youll find some super detailed advice in our guide to healthier, happier hair and youll find an absolute smorgasbord of nourishing products on our online shop so theres absolutely no excuse for letting thin hair suffer!

Long Angled Bob Or Lob

To me, this thin haircut and color combo says classic, lived in, and simple! The cut is a great length for someone dipping their toe into the short hair water and to make thin hair look thicker!

This long bob or lob is that its very versatile. There are so many different ways to style it. It can still be pulled back into a cute ponytail when youre headed to the gym. Or, throw your hair back into an updo or half-up for a formal occasion. You can wear it sleek and straight with a headband for work or during the day and then its super easy to throw some beach waves in for a night time look.

The blunt line created in this cut is great for someone with thin or fine hair because it gives the appearance of more hair throughout the baseline. I also added some interior layering for movement. The style that I created looks best on a round or oval shaped face. When the hair hits just above the color bones it accentuates the features of these face shapes.

To style this cut at home I suggest a mousse for blowdrying that will give your body and hold Im a big fan of Mousse Bouffant by Kerestase. I also suggest a texture product and heat protectant for beach waves. I love Nectar Thermique by Kerastase and Texture Wave by Shu Uemura.

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Boost Volume As You Cleanse And Condition

Volumizing shampoos and conditioners are the formulas of choice for most women with fine, thin hair. These shampoos cleanse gently without stripping the hair or leaving unwanted build-up plus they actually make hair feel thicker and look fuller. The conditioners soften and detangle, also without build-up. One tip: place conditioner only on the mid-shafts and ends of your hair and avoid your scalp where the conditioner could trap oil and weigh hair down.

Wash Your Hair With Shampoo And Conditioner

How to make thin hair look THICK *Step by Step*

Oily hair is the kryptonite of thin hair. The way your oily scalp can cause your hair to clump together and fall flat is enough to make anyones hair appear thinner than it is. So, if youre trying to boost the volume of your hair, youll want to make sure that you wash your hair before oil and dirt to build up . While most shampoos are great for making your hair look fuller, you might want to go the extra step and use a shampoo and conditioner that boosts volume and makes your hair look thicker.

Just make sure not to go overboard on the volumizing products, especially those that contain paraffin , as it can weaken your hair over time and cause strands to break. But as long as you stick to shampooing daily with a gentle blocking shampoo, the chances of your shampoo damaging your hair will be greatly reduced.

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Be Strategic With Layers

Layers can make the hair look skimpy. The key word you should hear from your stylist is “texture,” not “layers.” Hairstylist Claude Baruk of Claude BARUK Salon in Las Vegas suggests starting with a simple cut and style, then adding long bangs followed by a texturized cut, which will provide a fuller look.

“Rather than layering hair, texturizing the ends will make hair look longer and fuller,” he said.

“Keeping layers near the crown of the head gives the hair more lift without interfering with the perimeter, giving the hair and the style more density,” Pistas added.

Haircut : Asymmetrical Bob

A slightly angled bob adds body and shape to thin hair. Add side swept bangs or feathery layers for added texture and body. Adding different lengths makes the style piecier without compromising the texture.

Even on straightened hair, an asymmetrical bob creates the illusion of volume. And if you do curl it, add a wave in the middle of the strand, leaving the ends straight. This will not only make your hair appear thicker but also gives you an effortless style that looks like you just rolled out of bed. As always, apply a heat protectant, like the LOréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight HeatSpray, before using any heat styling tools.

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Effortless Medium Shag With Bangs

Opt for an effortless, Medium shag-esque cut. Even if you have hair thats fine, the disconnected layering allows for plenty of movement and volume while still maintaining a bit of structure.

For someone who likes to air dry and go, something like R+Cos Rockaway Salt Spray is my go-to for this soft, beachy texture. Otherwise, blow dry with a volumizer and then use my flat iron to give it some wave. Finish this style with Oribes Dry Texture Spray!

This look is great for someone who wants to give their hair some shape and life while still keeping some length to it. I think the fringe can really add some style and softness around the face, even for people who like to wear their hair up often.

Is It Possible To Make Hair Thicker

5 Tips To Make Thin Fine Hair Look Thicker

Friese explains it best: “The thickness of the hair most often is determined by the size of the hair follicle,” she says. “As we age, the size and shape of the follicle changes and can shrink, which results in thinner hair. Keeping the follicle healthy and open will help to create a thicker strand of hair.” To keep those follicles as healthy as possible, Friese recommends regular cleansing and exfoliating with a scalp scrub to keep it free of build-up and dead skin cells.

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Is Your Hair Thin Fine Or Both

One thing to understand before talking styles is whether your hair is thin or fine. Sometimes these words are used interchangeably, but the truth is, they are two different things. Thin hair speaks of the density, or quantity, of hair you have, while fine refers to the texture. There are three categories for density: thin, medium and thick and there are three for texture, meaning the diameter of each strand: fine, medium and course. Your hair could be any combination of these, like coarse and thin, just as it could be fine and thin. If your hair is fine but thick , you will likely prefer different styling options than someone who has thin hair of any texture. Once you have established the density and texture of your hair, choosing a style will be easier.

Keep Your Hair And Scalp Healthy

This seems like a given, but getting great-looking hair is nearly impossible when you’re constantly damaging it. “If women want thicker-looking hair, they should minimize the use of heat styling tools and refrain from using too much conditioner in the shower,” Toth advises. Taking precautions like using heat protectant spray and not over-washing your hair can help it look thicker and stronger over time, too, by minimizing breakage and hair loss. And lay off the tight hairstyles, too!

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Find The Right Product For Your Hair

A new generation of hair mousses can really help add grit, lift and hold into roots, for a more voluminous effect. Hershesons new Zhoosh foam helps to swell and thicken the hair, giving it guts and hold without being sticky. Other products to try include OribesGrandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, and VirtuesVolumising Mousse.

A Darker Root Gives The Appearance Of A Denser Scalp

Make Your Thin/Balding Hair look FULL AND THICK

An effective way to create the perception of thickness is to add color at the root. A slightly deeper root color will create the illusion of depth and can camouflage thinner hair.

“Its similar to darkening eyebrows to make them appear thicker,” said Norris. While it wont provide the appearance of volume necessarily, it does make hair look denser.

One caveat: The deeper root color, also known as a shadow root, can reflect less light and make some hairstyles appear smoother and flatter. Her suggestion is to take a test drive first with colored dry shampoo. “They provide volume and actually make the scalp appear a bit darker as well,” she said. Plus, its temporary so you can experiment before committing!

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Get Acquainted With A Thickening Shampoo Or Conditioner

First things first, youll want to get your hands on a good thickening shampoo. These specialty products are designed to plump up individual strands of hair to create a fuller, more voluminous look. Now, thickening shampoos probably arent going to solve all of your thin hair woes on their own, but they *will* help to provide a pretty significant volume boost, and theyll also help you to hide any particularly thin patches while youre working on a long-term solution.

Good thickening shampoos are also seriously nourishing in their own right, and tend to be packed with all manner of vitamins, proteins and botanical extracts.

When it comes to picking a thickening shampoo, wed recommend that you hold out for a top-notch product like Paul Mitchells Extra Body Shampoo or Tigis Charge Up Thickening Shampoo. Both of these shampoos contain Panthenol- a nifty little ingredient that acts like a magnet for water penetrating your strands and then drawing moisture into the hairs inner cortex to create a sudden swell in volume. These shampoos are also loaded with extra vitamins and dont leave a nasty build up, which is pretty important stuff if youre using them day in day out.

Thickening conditioners are another great shout, and again, Tigi is our go too brand here. In fact, their Fully Loaded Conditioner is pretty much the best thickening conditioner weve ever tried so if youre looking for a quick fix to thin hair, wed definitely recommend starting here!


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