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What Can Cause Hair Loss In Young Males

What Really Causes Hair Loss In Men

Can Low Testosterone Cause Hair Loss In Males

Trying to discover the truth behind what causes mens hair loss? Along the way, youll probably run into several myths.

For instance: Youll go bald if your mothers father went bald is commonly uttered in mixed company.

Theres some logic to this claim, because the X chromosome does carry the androgen receptor genea gene implicated in male pattern baldness.

But here are three reasons to doubt it:

  • The gene in question is just as likely to be inherited from the maternal grandmother as the maternal grandfather.
  • Many other genes are associated with hair loss. These genes come from both mom and dad.
  • Genetics arent the only cause of hair loss.
  • The truth is that mens hair loss is a complex problem with multiple sources. And though genes play a major role, there are other factors to considerlike nutrient statuswhen assessing the causes of baldness.

    In this article youll learn the causes of mens hair loss, along with some potential solutions. Lets dive in.

    Noticeable Loss On Pillow And In Drain

    Regardless of the pattern, one of the first sings of hair loss is increased shedding. We all lose between 50-100 hairs per day. In abnormal hair loss, however, this figure is much higher.

    For this reason, boys and girls with hair loss will often notice a high number of strands of hair:

    • on their pillow when they wake up
    • in the drain after showering
    • on their comb when they brush their hair
    • they might also notice strands of hair coming off when they simply run their hands through their head

    As mentioned above, everyone loses hair every day, even if they dont notice it. The difference is in the extent of the shedding. In instances of teenage hair loss, this will usually be very evident.

    Can You Stop Hair Loss In Teenagers

    Some causes of hair loss in teenagers can be stopped and potentially reversed. For example, if youre experiencing hair loss caused by an imbalance of thyroid hormones, correcting the hormonal imbalance may improve hair growth.

    Other causes, like genetic hair loss, have no known cure and will likely progress with time but can be slowed down with treatment.

    The best way to know if you can stop hair loss is to get a proper diagnosis from a doctor.

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    Is Hair Loss In Women Different Than Men

    Female-pattern baldness

    Women lose hair on an inherited basis, too, but female pattern hair loss tends to be more diffuse, with less likelihood of the crown and frontal hairline being lost.

    • Although some women may notice hair thinning as early as their 20s, the pace of hair loss tends to be gradual, often taking years to become obvious to others.
    • There seems to be a normal physiologic thinning that comes with age and occurs in many women in their early to mid-30s.
    • More women have underlying causes of hair loss than men. These include treatable conditions like anemia and thyroid disease and polycystic ovary syndrome .
    • These conditions are diagnosed by blood tests along with historical and physical evidence.
  • Although a few studies have suggested that baldness may be inherited through the mother’s family genes, these theories require further testing.
  • Current studies are inconclusive. Although not indicated for female pattern balding, spironolactone has had some success in treating this condition.
  • While stories about hats choking off follicles or long hair pulling on the roots may be more folklore, repeat hair trauma like tightly woven hair pulled back and consistent friction can potentially worsen or cause localized hair loss in some individuals. Individuals who pull their hair tightly back in a rubber band can develop a localized hair loss at the front of the scalp.

    Hair loss “myths” of special concern to women

    Major Causes Of Hair Loss At A Young Age

    Can Stress Cause Hair Loss? Hair Restoration Laboratories

    Lots of people assume that hair loss occurs among older people only, but hair thinning and falling out among younger generations is more common. It is estimated that 20% of men experience noticeable hair loss at the age of 20 and 25% are troubled by the same issue at the age of 30. Why are young people experiencing more hair loss than usual? If you are now in your 20s or 30s but have started noticing some of your hair falling out, try to figure out the cause based on this post. If you havent suffered from hair loss, stay alert and change your lifestyle to prevent hair loss at a young age.

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    What Not To Look For

    The three signs above are good indicators that you should think about taking action to stop your hair loss.

    However, there are also commonly repeated “signs” of baldness that arent as reliable for identifying hair loss. These include:

    • An itchy scalp, which may have one or more causes, such as dandruff, but which generally does not indicate long-term hair loss.

    • Thin-looking hair after you swim or shower, which is more often a result of your hair clumping together and revealing your scalp than real hair loss. To accurately check for hair loss, its always best to compare photos of your hair when its dry and unstyled.

    • A widows peak, which is a dominant genetic trait and may be an indicator of hair loss or susceptibility to hair loss.

    • A few hairs on your pillow or bar of soap, which are completely normal and not a reliable indicator that youre losing an abnormal amount of hair.

    • A depigmented bulb on hair that falls out naturally. This just indicates that the hair was in the telogen phase when it fell out, and doesnt mean that it wont grow back as normal.

    • A bald grandfather on a certain side of your family. Scientists still dont know exactly how male pattern baldness is inherited, and a bald father or grandfather is no guarantee that you will also go bald.

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    Maa And Disease Associations

    Cotton et al. first suggested idea that male pattern baldness may be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease . This has been subsequently supported by several other studies . A recent study found that asymptomatic young men with at least Grade 3 vertex baldness have a significantly greater risk of arterial stiffness than those with normal hair status. However, most of these studies were conducted by non-dermatologists and no dermatologic input was included for confirmation of MAA diagnoses. These statistically-significant, though weak, associations were discovered in epidemiological, cohort and case control studies. Severe early onset of MAA in subjects before age 30 may be associated with a higher risk for ischemic heart disease. In a retrospective study of 22,071 American subjects, men experiencing vertex balding were shown to have an increased incidence of myocardial infarction compared with frontal alopecia . One study showed that frontal male pattern baldness in young men was associated with increased serum cholesterol levels and higher blood pressure compared to men of similar age with no hair loss . Increased incidences of hypertension and elevated aldosterone levels have also been found in women with female pattern hair loss .

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    Don’t Be Embarrassed Get Medical Advice Online

    Does the thought of talking to a doctor face to face about hair loss make you feel uncomfortable? If so, you can register with us and seek professional advice from our GPs without having to step into a clinic or book an appointment. Propecia or Finasteride can either be delivered to your home or collected from your local LloydsPharmacy store.


    Understand What Causes Balding

    Why Hair Loss Is More Common In Men Than Women & How Can It Be Treated| ShowFit

    In order to properly treat balding, it is important to understand why you are losing hair in the first place.

    While the most common cause of hair loss is male pattern baldness, there are other potential conditions to make note of when considering why your hair falls out. Some of these include:

    Medical Conditions

    • Thyroid conditions: Severe thyroid disorders like Hashimotos Disease can cause hair loss. However, if this is the cause, you will likely experience other symptoms, like fatigue or weight gain.

    • Malnutrition. Severe malnutrition, especially in protein, can result in hair changes. However, this cause is unlikely without extremely low intake of calories and protein.

    • Alopecia areata. This condition causes hair loss in small, typically unnoticeable patches. Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles

    • Telogen effluvium. This is a temporary type of hair loss often caused by very stressful, anxiety inducing or traumatic events, hospitalization, or even certain side effects of medication. It can be confused with permanent hair loss, but it is reversible.

    • Tinea capitis. This condition is a fungal infection on the scalp that causes small, scaly spots and pustules on the scalp. Tinea capitis, if left untreated, can lead to hair loss from permanent scarring.

    Other Causes Of Hair Loss

    • Excessive styling with harsh products

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    Is It Safe To Wear Hats Blow Dry Or Wash Your Hair Every Day If You Notice Your Hair Thinning

    In most types of hair loss, routine practices, such as daily washing, blow drying and wearing hats, should not worsen the loss. In some cases, particularly cicatricial alopecia, in which African American women experience scarring hair loss on the top of the scalp, you should limit the use of harsh styling products, chemical relaxers, weaves, heat and tight braids or styles.

    What Vitamins Are Good For Hair Loss Are There Home Remedies For Hair Loss

    A good daily multivitamin containing zinc, vitamin B, folate, iron, and calcium is a reasonable choice, although there is no good evidence that vitamins have any meaningful benefit in alopecia.

    • Newer studies suggest that vitamin D may be somewhat helpful and worth considering.
    • Specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies like iron or vitamin B12 may be diagnosed by blood tests and treated.

    Multiple vitamins, including

    • biotin has been promoted for hair growth, but solid scientific studies for many of these claims are lacking. While taking biotin and other supplements marketed for hair, skin, and nails probably won’t worsen anything, it may also not necessarily help the situation. Therefore, advertised hair-regrowth supplements should be approached with mild caution.
    • There is only anecdotal evidence that oral or topical application of garlic, onion juice, saw palmetto, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, apple cider vinegar, creatine, and pumpkin seed oil are of benefit for hair loss.

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    Hair Cycle Dynamics And Androgenetic Alopecia

    Hair is lost and replaced cyclically. Follicles undergo corresponding cyclic phases of growth, involution, quiescence and regeneration . The growth phase lasts for 3-5 years . As hair elongation is relatively constant at 1 cm per month, the duration of the growth phase is the primary determinant of the final hair length. At the end of anagen the involutional phase lasts for a few weeks. The period of hair follicle quiescence that follows lasts approximately 3 months . Hair follicle regeneration occurs in approximately the first week of anagen and once regenerated, the anagen phase continues until the hair reaches its final length.

    Early Signs Of Balding And How To Stop Hair Loss

    Causes of Thinning Hair in Men Younger than 30!

    Medically reviewed by Kristin Hall, FNP

    Like most signs of aging, androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, doesnt happen overnight. In fact, for most men, going bald is a gradual process.

    One of the keys to stopping hair loss is learning about the common signs of baldness and taking action as early as possible. Simply put, the earlier you take action to prevent hair loss, the more hair youll be able to save.

    Unfortunately, identifying hair loss isnt always easy. With many myths about balding circling the internet, it is easy to mistake normal hair loss for male pattern baldness.

    Luckily, there are some real signs of male pattern baldness that you can use to identify and deal with hair loss. Learn about hair loss treatments from Hims.

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    What Causes Hair Loss In Young Male

    Thick hair has always been a sign of masculinity and youthfulness.

    But when men start to get bald, they not only lose hair but also their confidence.

    Moreover, it is believed that hair loss is a problem for middle-aged or older men.

    But the truth is it can happen at any age and these days the traces of hair fall can be seen in young males.

    And while stress, pressure, and hormones are the obvious answers behind hair loss in older men, whats the reason for the same in young men why do young guys lose hair?

    The reason could be anything.

    However, the search for hair loss prevention on steroids makes it clear that one of the reasons could be bodybuilding and the use of steroids.

    Well discuss more about it later.

    Im sure if youre under 25, you must have already witnessed some level of hair loss.

    But dont panic!

    We have discussed the reasons behind and possible solutions for hair loss at 23 in males.

    What Is The Prognosis/outlook For Women With Hair Loss

    Your diagnosis determines the prognosis:

    • Anagen and telogen shedding may stop with time.
    • Treat any diseases associated with hair loss.
    • Disguise or cover your hair loss using a wig or hat.
    • Early treatment of alopecia may reduce the speed of thinning and may promote regrowth.

    While hair loss is not itself dangerous, women with hair loss tend to be very upset by the changes to their appearance. These negative feelings can affect self-esteem and social lives. Recent studies suggest that FPHL can be associated with conditions that include metabolic syndrome, endocrine disorders and diabetes.

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    What Is Traction Alopecia

    This is a small or localized hair loss area caused by repetitive or persistent pulling or traction on hair roots.

    • Tight braids and ponytails can pull hard enough on hairs to make them fall out. If this happens, it’s best to choose hairstyles that put less tension on the hair.
    • Doing this sooner helps to avoid permanent damage.

    What Is Common Baldness

    Causes of Hair Loss In Men: Phoenix Plastic Surgeon Explains

    Common baldness usually means male-pattern baldness, or permanent-pattern baldness. The medical term for this is androgenetic alopecia. Male-pattern baldness is the most common cause of hair loss in men. Men who have this type of hair loss usually have inherited the trait. Men who start losing their hair at an early age tend to develop more extensive baldness. In male-pattern baldness, hair loss typically results in a receding hairline and baldness on the top of the head.

    Women may develop female-pattern baldness. In this form of hair loss, the hair can become thin over the entire scalp.

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